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The Yale Eid Banquet: An Islamic Festival for All

November 15, 2012 • 0
Every year, the Yale Muslim Students’ Association brings students together and increases cultural awareness with its Eid Banquet. Patrice Bowman ’15 and Anneliese Leinbach ’16 attended the festival.
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A Cultural Celebration: South Asian Style

November 9, 2012 • 0
Britta Hjelm ’16 and Patrice Bowman ’15 bring you the sights and sounds of Roshni. Yet again, the event has enlivened Yale with a vivid celebration of South Asian dance.

New Haven Raps: No Pain No Progress

October 29, 2012 • 983
Hip hop artist Cam Kashier uses music to help him overcome difficult moments in his life. Reporter Clinton Wang ’15 brings you his story from New Haven, CT. Reporting contributed by Alan Sage ’14.