The Endowment Game

November 21, 2014
The Yale-Harvard rivalry transcends football. It is also about money. Larry Milstein reports on the financials here.

2014 career paths revealed

November 7, 2014
Six months after receiving their diplomas, members of the Yale class of 2014 are now full-fledged alumni. Over the past few months, the Office of Career Strategy has surveyed the former students to draw out trends in their decisions to work, study or explore outside Yale.

Dance, theater groups struggle to find space

November 6, 2014
Over the summer, undergraduate dance groups and theater performers largely lost access to the Broadway Rehearsal Lofts, exacerbating the current shortage of facilities allotted to them. With the popular rehearsal space now unavailable, these groups are left scrambling for a place to hone their craft. David Kurkovskiy reports.

Part III | Head-On: Tackling concussion policy

October 17, 2014
With increased media scrutiny levied on concussions, states across the country have imposed new policies and regulations to deal with concussions. While Yale has done the same, the future of the University’s concussion policy remains an open question. This is the final story in a three-part series.

Part II | Head-On: After the hit

October 15, 2014
The clinical symptoms of concussions mask the true experiences of Yale student-athletes. When the pressure to play is combined with the difficulty of diagnosing concussions in games, the players ultimately suffer the consequences.

Part I | Head-On: Confronting the science of concussions

October 14, 2014
Across the country, college athletes are confronting the troubling brain science behind concussions. With the majority of concussions going undiagnosed, and athletes reticent to report brain injuries, medical researchers are working to understand the underlying causes and long-term effects of the injury.

Class of 2018: Freshman Survey

September 4, 2014
In early August, before freshman move-in day, the News issued a 33– question survey to members of the class of 2018. Six hundred and twenty–three freshmen responded, sharing their backgrounds and aspirations for the bright college years ahead of them. The results are presented here.
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Everybody Has A Story: Dean Mary Miller

April 25, 2014
This week Cody Pomeranz sat down with Yale College Dean Marry Miller. Miller’s time as dean, which began in the Fall of 2008, will draw to an end following this semester. During her tenure, Yale has dealt with questions surrounding sexual misconduct and mental health, made important changes to university career services and moved forward »
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Everybody Has A Story with Minami Funkoshi

April 11, 2014
In this week’s Everbody Has A Story segment, Cody Pomeranz sat down with Minami Funkoshi. She’s a Yale Junior whose prolific writing on China has been published across campus and the world. Here, she has written for Yale’s International Affairs Magazine and The Globalist. She’s also been seen in many professional publications including Tea Leaf »
Since its establishment in 2001 by former President Richard Levin, the World Fellows Program has built a network of 257 members from 83 countries.

Inspiring under the radar

April 8, 2014
The World Fellows program is receiving more and more applications every year. But despite publicity efforts, it continues to be little known by the very students fellows seek to engage with.
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Everybody Has a Story: Sir Gilbert Levine

February 22, 2014
This week, Cody Pomeranz ’15 sat down with world renowned composer Sir Gilbert Levine GRD ’72 to discuss his career in music and his upcoming concert with the Yale Symphony Orchestra. Questions? Contact the Yale Daily News YTV Editors, Raleigh Cavero, Madison Alworth and Kevin Kucharski. See To see more YDN coverage on Jeffrey »
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Everybody Has A Story: Jeffery Sachs, World Renowned Economist

February 21, 2014
This week, Cody Pomeranz sat down with world renowned economist Jeffery Sachs to discuss foreign aid and the fight to end global poverty. Questions? Contact the Yale Daily News YTV Editors, Raleigh Cavero, Madison Alworth and Kevin Kucharski. See To see more YDN coverage on Jeffrey Sachs, see our article in print: