MERCER-GOLDEN: Gratitude this winter

February 17, 2012 • 0
My mother, who is a wise woman, sent me a column a week ago that she had cut out of the newspaper. The column had been written by a grief counselor, someone who works closely with the dying and their loved ones in the face of terminal diagnoses. While she identified five lessons that she »

MERCER-GOLDEN: The right questions

February 3, 2012 • 30
As I look at the recent headlines in national newspapers and in the News, two words come to mind: sex and responsibility. The two are, of course, profoundly connected, and each is devastating in its own way. The revelations last week that Patrick Witt’s ’12 Rhodes candidacy may have been in question even as the »

MERCER-GOLDEN: Accounting for ourselves

January 27, 2012 • 7
To continue the theme of being the world’s worst meta English and history of art major, this column will be highly self-referential and will refer to my two previous columns for the News, one of which was, unsurprisingly, about comments on other articles. I’ve joked that in the first column I wrote, I created a »

MERCER-GOLDEN: Imagining Shakespearean authorship

January 18, 2012 • 17
At the beginning of Shakespeare at Yale (SaY), a semester-long program designed to showcase the Shakespearean riches we have at Yale (and oh, what riches!), I thought I’d write something about the question I enjoy being asked least as an English major: Did Shakespeare write his own plays? On the surface, this is a simple »

MERCER-GOLDEN: Opinions run amok

January 9, 2012 • 0
I prefer to read the News in print, always. Not just because the News goes well with breakfast — though it does — but also because I can read the articles without reading the comments that inevitably accumulate on the online versions. Whenever I do turn to the online version of the News, I am »