MERCER-GOLDEN: Becoming an “I”

April 23, 2013 • 0
Penning “I” is a tool of exploration.

MERCER-GOLDEN: Speaking out about sexual violence

April 9, 2013 • 0
How many more cases of sexual violence will need to take place on our campus — and how many more made public — before Yale enacts more accessible, consistent and compassionate procedures?

MERCER-GOLDEN: Our Passover story

March 26, 2013 • 0
When I was young, I overlooked the tension that inevitably comes when three generations of Jews spend time under the same roof. Now, I live those complications.

MERCER-GOLDEN: The “innocent” museum

February 26, 2013 • 0
As a community, we are responsible for safeguarding the works that defined moments and peoples in the past.

MERCER-GOLDEN: What we love

February 12, 2013 • 0
Some of us have found jobs we’re excited about; many — including me — haven’t.

MERCER-GOLDEN: A visitor at home

January 30, 2013 • 0
I am worried that I will lose that sense of personal autonomy if I go home to the relationships that already exist there.

MERCER-GOLDEN: A class gift without the guilt

January 15, 2013 • 0
Yale needs to rethink its senior class gift, by re-evaluating how competition-focused it’s become and allowing students to tailor the experience of giving to their own priorities.

MERCER-GOLDEN: Why we cite

December 5, 2012 • 0
Did you know that millennia of scholarship occurred without footnotes?

MERCER-GOLDEN: A difficult solution

November 28, 2012 • 0
In order to ensure an end to conflict in the Middle East, and in order to avoid waking up every morning to bloody headlines, we have to help build a better Middle East: one in which everyone who wants a job has one, all children (including girls) are educated, and all citizens have access to the resources they so desperately need.

MERCER-GOLDEN: Reading better for real marriage

November 14, 2012 • 3
I contend that it is possible to believe in God, read the Bible and be an American without needing to choose amongst these three identities — I do. But it requires a little more intellectual effort, and a little more self-reflection, than many seem willing to put in.

MERCER-GOLDEN: A new conversation

November 7, 2012 • 0
Whenever election season rolls around, I can’t help but think of the TV show “The West Wing” (and it would appear that other YDN columnists feel the same). I inevitably compare all political candidates to Jed Bartlett, the idealistic, wildly intellectual president on the show, and his group of brilliant, irreverent aides. I don’t think »

MERCER-GOLDEN: Sandy, online

November 1, 2012 • 569
Maybe it’s strange that art historical criticism and the internet would lead me to write about community, so forgive me: I’ve been stuck inside for more hours than I care to think about, and ideas are coalescing in my brain out of sheer desperation. While sitting inside this past Monday, I read — a lot. »