KESSLER: My date with Monty

April 26, 2012
It’s common this time of the year for seniors to consider all the things they’re going to miss about Yale. The real world is shockingly devoid of grassy quadrangles, 3 a.m. Wenzels and outdoor concerts on spring Tuesday afternoons. Being the contrarian that Yale has taught me to be, I’ve also recently been thinking about »

KESSLER: Last man standing

April 6, 2012
Today is the first anniversary of the longest dodgeball match in history. Well, the first anniversary of the end of the longest dodgeball match in history. The event itself, played in Albany, N.Y., took longer than a day — 31 hours, 11 minutes and 13 seconds, to be exact. I learned this on Wikipedia about »

KESSLER: Visiting Yale’s brain collection

March 23, 2012
It’s in large part thanks to Harvey Cushing that Yale possesses more brains than Harvard. After graduating from Yale in 1891, Cushing, the “father of modern neurosurgery,” headed to Harvard for medical school. He did a stint at John Hopkins University, where, in 1902, the pathology department claimed to have misplaced a pituitary cyst he »

KESSLER: A vegetarian at Louis’ Lunch

February 24, 2012
I’m by far the least vegetarian of any vegetarian I know. For starters, I occasionally eat fish. This means that the correct term for my dietary preference is actually “pescetarian.” This is a term that I refuse to use because it sounds obnoxiously pretentious. You would judge me if I walked into Book Trader and »

KESSLER: Put those clothes in the bucket

February 10, 2012
Around this time last year, I went to my first naked party. In many ways, the experience was exactly what I had expected. There was an upstairs bedroom where partygoers had discarded their clothes. There were various other nooks and crannies where paranoid guests — namely, my friends and me — who thought their garments »
A day to remember

Kessler: A day to remember

September 10, 2010
Today is my father’s birthday. In 2001, my father’s birthday fell on the first day of school. I remember this because I was so concerned about what to wear to make my sixth-grade debut that I almost forgot to wish him a happy birthday. By the second day of school, I had troubles much more »
A rendering of how the new bridge should look once completed.

New bridge to ease highway traffic

March 22, 2010
For many students, returning to campus by car after spring break can mean hours of traffic and delays on Interstate 95, the nearly 2,000-mile highway stretching from Maine to Florida that links Yale to the outside world. But within the next six years, the headache of getting to New Haven may get some relief. The »