Working to win the South wastes Democrats’ time and resources

April 7, 2004
Ah, the South. Sweet tea. NASCAR. Mud. And lots and lots of Republicans. Although Al Gore, a self-proclaimed Southerner, failed to win a single state below the Mason Dixon in 2000, the conventional wisdom in the Kerry camp is to run a truly national campaign and hope for a one- or two-state shift in the »

A review of the dismal State of the Union

January 23, 2004
This week, Americans got to watch not one, but two, truly remarkable feats of political oratory. The first was, of course, Howard Dean’s concession speech after the Iowa caucuses on Monday. After being trounced by the Senators John (Kerry and Edwards), the then-leading Democratic candidate went a bit, well, bonkers. After a voluble and highly-detailed »

Why Dean can’t win in ’04 election

December 2, 2003
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. There’s an old adage that, edited for content, goes like this: “If it walks like poop, talks like poop, it must be poop.” I’m not sure if it was Confucius or Iggy Pop who said it, but from its simple logic comes the »

The Mysoginator: Schwarzenegger’s bad acts

October 7, 2003
My favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger line is from “Total Recall.” With fake-wife/Mars government operative Sharon Stone pleading patronizingly for her life — “You wouldn’t kill me, honey, I’m your wife” — Arnold blows her brains out and suggests that she simply “consider this a divorce.” Yet if we’ve learned anything from the California recall adventure which »

Singing groups spread the mayhem, again

October 2, 2002
Fall is here. At most universities, students usher in the new season with traditional activities: going to football games on brisk October Saturdays, rushing frats en masse, and finding a partner to warm the cold winter ahead. But once again, we discover that Yale is not most schools. For at some point in our history, »

Generation ‘Y’ must stay resilient

November 16, 2001
News flash: our generation has just received a name change. Last week, Newsweek deigned to name us after the worst day of our lives — “Generation 9-11.” According to the Nov. 12, 2001 Newsweek cover story, the University of Michigan, an apparent microcosm of the nation, has been flipped upside down. The once “insular” students »