Simple solutions can improve Yale seminars

April 9, 2007
Yale ought to undertake a survey of the seminars that it offers its undergraduate population in order to determine how effective they actually are at teaching material to students. I believe that the way most seminars are taught right now is ineffective, and that departments ought to contemplate radical changes to seminar format to increase »

Are you an alpha-Yalie or a beta?

October 4, 2005
There are two types of Yalies. Doubtless you are familiar with the first: directed and ambitious, alpha-Yalies are the stereotypical overachievers. Their lives are consumed with a purpose, whether it be saving the world or ruling it, and the worth of their lives is completely dependent on the fulfillment of this goal. What they study »

For homeless, coins don’t equal respect

September 2, 2005
Of all of the problems that New Haven faces, perhaps the most obvious to the standard Yale student is homelessness. Few cities in the United States juxtapose poor and working class Americans with the elite of the future like New Haven does. The poverty of the city is obvious in the areas surrounding campus, but »

Who’s better at math? Better off not knowing

January 21, 2005
Harvard president Lawrence Summers sparked a nationwide debate this week when he asserted that innate gender differences between men and women could help explain the dearth of female scientists and engineers. Many have expressed outrage at his comments, claiming that he is reinforcing already-existent biases against women in the hard sciences. But is this anger »

In Swift twist, elderly are our next course

November 29, 2004
In 1729, Jonathan Swift modestly proposed a measure “for preventing the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public.” He argued that there is one lucrative and delicious way to protect the poor from hunger, to ease their lives from »

In a tale of two schools, second-best is far better

October 27, 2004
The Yale Daily News is forever bleeding; it is covered in the crimson blood of another school. Over six issues of the News (from Oct. 15-22) there were seven front-page articles concerning Harvard University, a somewhat well-known institution of higher education in the city of Cambridge, Mass. These articles range from the relevant (Harvard’s alcohol »