New college integration considered

February 11, 2014
In 1958, then-University President A. Whitney Griswold wrote a proposal for two new residential colleges.

Faculty discusses governance proposals

February 7, 2014
Thursday's faculty meeting focused on the potential reorganization of the University’s administrative structure.

Scandal still strains Egyptology

February 6, 2014
One year after the scandal, students and faculty in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department are still hurting.

CCEs advocate healthier screw

February 3, 2014
To deal with the range of often-confused expectations students bring to screws, the CCEs have offered alternative spaces and activities for students to practice open communication with their partners at screws this year.
President Peter Salovey unveiled a new initiative to introduce online precalculus modules.

Yale to offer online math modules

January 30, 2014
Students fully prepared for Yale’s quantitative classes will be able to brush up their math over the summer.
In China, a recent media firestorm led to public
questioning of the increasing exodus of Chinese
students to American universities.

For Chinese Yalies, smooth transition

January 29, 2014
In China, a recent media firestorm led to public questioning of the increasing exodus of Chinese students to American universities. Students at Yale, however, told a different story.

Pollard encouraged change

January 27, 2014
In his years of deanship, Pollard spearheaded a controversial movement to closely track the school’s goings-on.

For Miller, a tenure of balancing acts

January 27, 2014
When Mary Miller was appointed dean of Yale College on Oct. 10, 2008, the stock market — along with Yale’s endowment — was in free fall.

Miller and Pollard depart deanships

January 24, 2014
Yale College Dean Mary Miller and Graduate School Dean Tom Pollard will depart their deanships at the end of the academic year.

Comp Sci surge strains department

January 24, 2014
According to Eisenstat, the number of computer science majors has risen sharply in past years.

iPad usage in classrooms expands

January 24, 2014
When ecology and evolutionary biology professor Linda Puth took her field ecology class to Horse Island, she used to face a problem: Many of the island’s species were invasive, which meant they did not figure in the field guides students used to identify the marine organisms. This fall, though, Puth’s students simply whipped out their »

Ybb+ closure prompts questions about data rules

January 22, 2014
A campus-wide debate over Yale’s attitudes toward data sharing has snowballed out of the original YBB+ controversy.