Schwartz: Sabotaging the secular state

November 16, 2009
A case now standing before the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom bears with it the future of Britain’s relationship with its Jewish community, and the court has no attractive options. The suit involves a religiously observant Jewish boy, M., who has been denied admission to the Jews’ Free School in London, on the grounds »

In Sderot, terrorism the rule, not the exception

April 2, 2008
Imagine you live in a small town on the Mexican border. Imagine that every day for the past seven years Mexican desperadoes have been firing crude rockets into your town, indiscriminately hitting schools, medical centers and apartment buildings, with the express objective (which they make clear in the media) of murdering as many American civilians »

At Annapolis peace conference, an empty gesture

November 28, 2007
If we didn’t know better, the conference for Israeli-Palestinian peace being held yesterday in Annapolis would seem long overdue. Hosted by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the conference includes delegates from major Arab countries, such as Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. It was supposed to deal with all of the major issues governing »