Su: Migrants need self-exam

March 24, 2009
SYDNEY A blind man taking an afternoon stroll through the main campus of the University of Sydney would be convinced he is actually walking through the streets of an East Asian city. He hears Mandarin and Korean speakers chatting and laughing loudly, and he even hears several conversations in Japanese and some Asian-accented English before »

Su: The case for geography

October 28, 2008
From the piracy off the coast of Somalia to the war over South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the conflicts that catch the attention of American leaders and policy makers are increasingly being shifted to regions outside of the familiar Euro-American developed world. But most Americans cannot even identify the geographic locations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the »

Su: Obedience and order breed progress

September 17, 2008
This summer, while I waited outside Gangnam Station in Seoul, I saw a fashionable young Korean couple walk past me on the main street. Dressed in startlingly urban-American clothing, the pair called attention to itself, sticking out amidst the uniformity. As I watched, the man carelessly dropped the cigarette he was smoking and the couple »

Taiwan’s desinicization policy pulls at seams of One China

February 8, 2008
In his column “Question of Taiwan’s independence debatable,” (1/28) Carl Kubler makes an interesting case for the issue of Taiwan independence. Kubler’s article addresses a de facto control of Taiwan by the Republic of China. The vast majority of the world focuses on mainland China’s unwavering insistence of the “One-China Policy” while failing to acknowledge »

Socialism in U.S. can cure capitalism’s woes

November 12, 2007
The 20th century witnessed the great struggle between capitalism and communism. While the capitalists held on to the wealthy states of Western Europe and North America, there were tendencies toward communism in the majority of the world, in which widespread poverty made the egalitarian beliefs widely accepted. In today’s post-communist world, many nations have accepted »

U.S. cannibalizes self by enabling immigrants, poor

October 9, 2007
Today, the U.S. population is continuing growth abnormal for its status as one of the most developed countries in the world. Compared to similarly wealthy states such as Japan, Great Britain, Germany or France, the American population is rising rapidly. The U.S. should control its population growth through financial incentives to prevent a decrease in »

Along the border, Chinese pity Koreans

September 7, 2007
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True democracy cannot spring up overnight

March 27, 2007
With regard to the close ties of Yale and the U.S. government with China in recent years, many media and human rights groups have been keen to portray the country as “a gross human rights violator” where freedom of speech is severely limited. Many believe that it is urgent for the Chinese government to undertake »