Kletter: Volunteering is its own reward

November 13, 2008
Members of Yale for Change, a group uniting the Yale College Democrats and Yale for Obama, were upset at the News last week for an article that they felt diminished their get-out-the-vote efforts in the election. Lost in the uproar was one important point: why does recognition matter? I think their letters to the News »

Kletter: Stay inspired, stay active

October 21, 2008
Nov. 5, 2008: Millions of student activists around the country wake up to a crushing hangover after an all-night celebration of an Obama blowout. After piecing together faint memories of CNN’s “Magic Map” mixed with Irish Car Bombs, the students give themselves a thunderous pat on the back. After all, they worked for it, didn’t »

Yalies cannot afford to overlook social security

April 25, 2008
We’re all out to save the world. Whether we’re political activists pulling for our candidate or advocates on behalf of [insert disenfranchised group here], or are actually trying to save the world from global warming, Yale students are by no means short on engagement. Despite coming of age in an era rife with pessimistic proclamations »

Dem_talk rakes more muck than primaries

April 10, 2008
“Your link-posting skills are as effective as Biden’s campaign.” Ah, primary season on the Yale Dem_talk panlist (a political discussion forum associated with the Yale College Democrats). Dem_talk, of which I am a member but to which I don’t respond, is usually flooded with political articles, events, general cheerleading and, occasionally, some fairly informed debate. »

To save energy at Yale, incentives do the trick

March 7, 2008
A few days ago, I walked into the Pierson College dining hall and found my friendly neighborhood Student Taskforce for Environmental Partnership (STEP) coordinator waiting for me. She told me about President Levin’s pledge to reduce residential college energy consumption this year by 15 percent below 1990 levels. As the sign next to her kindly »