Residential college budgets to be equalized

September 14, 2010 • 1090
The notion of inequalities among the residential colleges has long been a point of contention for students. Now, while they may still argue about which college has the prettiest courtyard or the nicest gym, as far as money goes, the debate is being settled. In the second year of a University-wide financial overhaul, members of »

Investments officers earn top pay in 2008-’09

September 10, 2010 • 8
Yale’s endowment may have shed nearly a quarter of its value last year, but three of the men charged with managing it earned a combined $10.1 million in salary and benefits during the same time period, according to the University’s most recent tax filings. As they have been for the past several years, Chief Investment »

Updated college renderings released

September 9, 2010 • 0
New renderings of the 13th and 14th residential colleges show a few subtle changes.
Construction continues at the site of the new School of Management campus. The project is set to finish in 2013.

SOM still short on funds

September 8, 2010 • 0
The ambitious new building planned by the Yale School of Management aims to usher the school into the nation’s top echelon of business programs. But to make the state-of-the-art building a reality, SOM Dean Sharon Oster still needs to raise nearly half the project’s funds, and she has less than one year to do it. »

Provost’s Office shuffles portfolios

September 7, 2010 • 2
Yale’s deputy provosts gathered early this summer for former Deputy Provost Charles “Chip” Long’s retirement parties — several of them, one hosted by University President Richard Levin, another by Provost Peter Salovey. Then, without Long, they gathered to figure out how to replace him. Although Long, for decades the chief of staff in the Provost’s »

A fragile craft

September 7, 2010 • 1
It was close to 95 degrees outside Sterling Chemical Laboratory, but in a small room tucked in the back of the cavernous building, Daryl Smith had his air-conditioning, Pandora radio and blowtorch at full blast. The blowtorch, at nearly 800 degrees Fahrenheit, was hurling forth an 8-inch-long flame heating a thin glass rod. Wearing mad »

Some departments renew appeal to spare prizes from cap

September 2, 2010 • 0
All spring and summer, English professor Leslie Brisman waited. Asco-chair of the English Department’s prizes committee, he had already resigned himself to accepting a $1,000 cap on student prizes formerly worth several times that amount. But he was still hoping to award money for graduate student essays, prizes that University administrators had told him could »

Baseball gift may be returned

September 1, 2010 • 1
Yale baseball donor John Mazzuto ’70 is in jail, facing charges of financial conspiracy and fraud. Now, representatives of the company Mazzuto formerly headed say Yale is considering returning his $1.7 million gift. Industrial Enterprises of America, the company Mazzuto headed from 2004 to 2008 and whose accounts he allegedly falsified, is climbing out of »

Saybrook, Branford fund mini-renovations

September 1, 2010 • 0
As the University begins renovating the last of its residential colleges, facilities planners have also turned back to two of the first few to be revamped: Branford and Saybrook. Both colleges’ floors, walls and roofs received routine maintenance this summer, the first summer in several years during which Branford and Saybrook did not house summer »
The Prospect Street bridge renovation has been delayed once again, forcing Yale transit to reroute its shuttles and shift class times.

Utilities work bogs down Prospect bridge construction

August 27, 2010 • 1215
Some morning classes will start five minutes earlier. Shuttles to Science Hill will be diverted. And the renovation of the Prospect Street bridge has been delayed. Again. For the second year in a row, construction on the short span across the Farmington Canal, a bike trail from New Haven harbor to Northampton, Mass., and the »

University cuts 250 jobs

August 27, 2010 • 8
Two years into Yale’s budget crisis, the University has laid off nearly 5 percent of its staff and cut over 900 jobs. And there may be more to come. In another round of layoffs that began in May, after the Yale Corporation approved a tightened budget for the next fiscal year, University departments have accepted »

250 staff laid off since May

July 9, 2010 • 0
When the dust from Yale’s last budget shakeup has settled, the University will have cut nearly 250 jobs — and there may be more to come. In another round of layoffs that began in May, after the Yale Corporation approved a tightened budget for the next fiscal year, University departments have accepted the voluntary resignations »