NAYAK: Don’t boycott G-Heav

September 3, 2013 • 0
We must show that, in the face of injustice, Yalies fight back intelligently and effectively.

NAYAK: Demand action on gun violence

April 26, 2013 • 0
How many times will we let people die before we say enough is enough?

NAYAK: Honesty from Washington

April 5, 2013 • 0
We should be much more troubled by Democrats' politically expedient dishonesty on this issue over the last few years than by Rob Portman’s politically harmful honesty.

NAYAK: Policies to fight homelessness

November 3, 2011 • 7
This fall’s Ward 1 aldermanic campaign has featured good conversation about how to effect positive change for students and other residents of our city. My experience as a policy assistant on the Board of Aldermen has guided my policy-oriented approach to this campaign. I have issued a number of actionable policy proposals and discussed broader »

NAYAK: Nayak for Ward 1 alderman

October 6, 2011 • 1
Across the country, people are hurting. Jobs are scarce, government support has been scaled back, and people have fewer and fewer places to turn. They feel that our elected officials and corporate executives are working for the most well-off and not for ordinary families and workers. But New Haven can be different. New Haven has »

NAYAK: Why I’m running for Ward 1 alderman

September 20, 2011 • 13
New Haven is a great city, and this November we have an opportunity to take big steps to make it better. I envision a New Haven where no one is left behind, where providing equal opportunities will create a stronger community and where Yale students work within broad-based coalitions to realize the vision we share »