Fall term will bring continued debate on renaming Calhoun College

July 15, 2015 • 0
The controversy that led to the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s state Capitol last week has reignited a long-standing debate over the name of one of Yale’s 12 residential colleges.

Yale meets college accessibility goals from 2014 White House summit

June 17, 2015 • 0
Just 18 months after Yale delivered a series of commitments to the White House, pledging to increase college accessibility for low-income, high-achieving students, the University has announced that it has met or exceeded its goals for all nine commitments.

William Zinsser, fabled teacher of writing, dies at 92

May 14, 2015 • 1
Zinsser, who arrived at Yale in 1970, authored 19 books over the course of his life. His most famous, “On Writing Well,” is a celebrated guide to concise, clear and well-crafted writing.

Donation will transform Commons into “world-class campus center” by 2020

May 11, 2015 • 0
With a $150 million donation from Blackstone founder Stephen Schwarzman ’69, Yale has committed to a comprehensive renovation of Commons that will transform it into a hub for student life.

Hudak, spirited Saybrugian and CS prof, succumbs to cancer

April 30, 2015 • 0
After a nearly six-year battle with leukemia, Paul Hudak, professor of computer science and master of Saybrook College, died last night surrounded by his family. He was 62 years old.

Yale may change standardized testing requirements

April 24, 2015 • 0
In March of last year, the College Board announced its commitment to a redesigned SAT that is “more open and clear” than any previous version of the exam. In light of the future change, Yale is evaluating its standardized testing requirements.

UP CLOSE: Generosity and expectation in financial aid

April 21, 2015 • 0
At 8:30 a.m. every weekday morning, Isiah Cruz ’17 leaves his dorm room in Ezra Stiles. He grabs a quick breakfast, walks to the Office of Career Strategy and sits behind a desk on the third floor.

Returning head pantry workers take up new roles

April 17, 2015 • 0
Two former head pantry workers have decided to return to their residential college dining halls, though their assignments will be different from what they were prior to their original departure.

With Hudak in critical condition, students rally behind master

April 16, 2015 • 0
Saybrook College Master Paul Hudak is in critical condition due to side effects from a stem cell transplant in 2010.

Diversity in academic programs nebulous

April 9, 2015 • 0
Last week, Yale accepted its most diverse freshman class yet. Still, questions remain as to whether the Admissions Office’s efforts at diversification reach all of Yale’s most competitive academic programs.

Biden to speak at Class Day

April 7, 2015 • 0
Vice President Joseph Biden will be the speaker at this year’s Class Day on Sunday, May 17.

Admissions Office switches to recruitment mode

April 7, 2015 • 0
For months, tens of thousands of college students courted Yale, in interviews and application essays. Now, for the lucky 1,962 admitted, it is time for Yale to court them.