The Association of American Medical Colleges announced that, starting in 2015, a newly redesigned MCAT will be administered to pre-meds.

Future pre-meds will take new MCAT

April 6, 2011
Incoming freshmen hoping to be pre-med may be facing an entirely new environment, with altered pre-med requirements and a redesigned MCAT exam scheduled for 2015. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) announced Thursday their preliminary recommendations for the new MCAT exam. The AAMC, the exam’s administrator, proposed four main content changes: updating the exam’s »

Prof guides global health reform

January 19, 2011
A Yale professor is establishing a framework for health reform across the globe. In the Dec. 21 issue of medical journal “Public Library of Science Medicine,” School of Public Health professor Elizabeth Bradley and nine other global health leaders detailed 10 principles that they think will strengthen global health systems. Bradley said she hopes the »

Med school research, a 2010 breakthrough

January 14, 2011
Researchers at the School of Medicine are breaking old boundaries. His research lauded as one of the “Breakthroughs of the Year” by Science Magazine in 2010, neurosurgery professor Murat Gunel and colleagues have discovered that mutations in a particular gene, WDR62, can hinder brain development and result in disorders such as mental retardation. Highlighted for »

Med School professor denies ghostwriting claim

December 16, 2010
Four of the six academic medical professionals accused of signing their names to ghostwritten studies and texts have denied the claims, including School of Medicine professor Kimberly Yonkers. Yale School of Medicine administrators refused to comment on whether the School has investigated nonprofit watchdog Project on Government Oversight’s claim that the professor had a 2003 »

Med prof accused of ghostwriting

December 3, 2010
A School of Medicine faculty member has been accused of signing her name to a ghostwritten study, a practice that many believe amounts to plagiarism and undermines scientific integrity. The nonprofit watchdog Project on Government Oversight (POGO) claims that School of Medicine associate professor Kimberly Yonkers signed her name to work that was not her »

Yale helps reform Indian HIV care

December 1, 2010
Two years before University President Richard Levin announced the $75 million Yale-India Initiative in September 2008, the Yale School of Nursing had already decided to train nurses in India and help combat the spread of HIV/AIDS. The Yale School of Nursing has partnered with the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Indian Nursing Council to »

Med school redesigns online

November 19, 2010
The School of Medicine has freshened its online look. While two months ago, visitors to the School’s website would have seen a small, off-center banner at the top of the page, they can now enjoy a new Yale logo atop a more vibrant image, among other changes. The School of Medicine’s redesigned website, launched Oct. »

Public health prof advises USDA

November 11, 2010
A School of Public Health professor is helping the government fight obesity and chronic disease. Rafael Pérez-Escamilla and the 12 other members of the 2010 US Dietary Advisory Committee — a committee of nutrition experts assembled every five years to determine whether the government should revise the current national health guidelines — submitted their advisory »

Little gender diversity at School of Medicine

November 2, 2010
Female faculty at the School of Medicine still have a long journey to full equality, deputy dean Carolyn Slayman and other administrators say. Yale’s medical faculty faces the problem of limited gender diversity. According to a 2010 School of Medicine faculty count, women comprise 40.4 percent of the school’s 2,350 total faculty members and only »

New website combats diabetes

October 28, 2010
New Haven high school students may be able to shed calories and reduce their risk for diabetes on the web this school year. In 2009, School of Nursing Dean Margaret Grey NUR ’76 and nursing professor Robin Whittemore received a $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study diabetes and obesity in »

Med school researchers lose power

October 28, 2010
Inclement weather has delayed thousands of dollars’ worth of research at the Yale School of Medicine over the last two months. Since mid-August, storms and natural disturbances have caused four power outages related to United Illuminating — the power supplier for the University’s campus ­— and five shortages overall. One such outage occurred at 2:00 »

Med school expands downtown

October 21, 2010
A new downtown construction project will provide the School of Medicine with eagerly awaited laboratory space. Slated to begin construction in 2011, the new Downtown Crossing Project will replace the Route 34 highway between the North and South Frontage Roads with ten acres of offices, laboratory buildings and eateries that will create much-needed spaces for »