Classes server will be redone

September 30, 2004 • 1
In an effort to synthesize the University’s multiple online administrative services, Yale officials are working to revamp the online classes server and will begin testing one new option in a limited form in January. In addition to managing courses, Yale hopes the new software, called Sakai, will allow for a more “user-centric” portal similar to »

Pepper meets with staff about efficiency

September 28, 2004 • 0
More than 50 University employees attended an open house Monday morning with Yale Vice President for Finance and Administration John Pepper to offer suggestions for future reforms and hear about the work he has done so far in his nine months at the University. Pepper, joined in the Hall of Graduate Studies by a number »

Colleges’ property values vary

September 24, 2004 • 0
Berkeley, Branford, Saybrook and Silliman could all be worth as much as $20 million on the open market, according to city of New Haven data. In contrast, Trumbull’s value is placed at about $7 million and Jonathan Edwards College has an estimated worth of slightly less than $10 million. The city’s valuations of University properties »

Sewage floods TD basement

September 20, 2004 • 0
Heavy rainfall caused floods in multiple Yale buildings Saturday, including a flow of sewage and water that filled part of the basement of Timothy Dwight College. The custodial department had anticipated flooding would occur this weekend, Director of Custodial Services Robert Young said, but he said the 12 incidents on Saturday were the most he »

Ivy endowments increase over 16 percent

September 17, 2004 • 0
While Yale has not yet released its endowment returns for the last fiscal year, numbers will be up if the University follows the trend reflected in numbers already released by its Ivy League counterparts. Each of the five Ivy League schools that has released its numbers so far — Brown, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton and the »

Yale revamps HR division

September 15, 2004 • 0
Yale Chief Human Resources Officer Rob Schwartz has begun an extensive reorganization of his department to meet the University’s needs more efficiently and provide better opportunities for worker advancement. As part of this effort, the University will create a new staffing and career development unit that will focus on getting the best employees to work »

Women yet to reach presidency

September 10, 2004 • 0
Thirty-three years ago, Yale graduated its first class of women. Since then, women have ascended the University’s ranks, and some eventually assumed top posts at the University before departing to lead other institutions. As Yale Provost Susan Hockfield prepares to leave Yale for the presidency of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she will become the »

Cuts reduce debt estimate

September 10, 2004 • 0
While Yale managed to cut its projected deficit for its 2004-2005 operating budget in half, the University is still carrying a deficit of $15 million, Yale officials said. University Provost Susan Hockfield first announced a projected deficit of $30 million last October, citing as the cause endowment revenue growing less quickly than expenditures. In response, »

Yale’s holdings hit two-year peak

September 8, 2004 • 0
The total value of securities Yale holds in its own name is the highest reported in a quarterly filing in two years, according to a report the University filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Aug. 13. The total value of the securities rose to over $338 million, the highest since a report filed »

Group follows best practices meetings

September 6, 2004 • 0
A new information-gathering group will be the latest step in Yale’s effort to increase labor efficiency, employee satisfaction and service quality, two members of the Labor-Management Policy Board leading the program said this weekend. The University and its unions had agreed as part of their most recent contract to work on best practices in hopes »

Beinecke has fall finish date

September 3, 2004 • 0
As construction continues on multiple University projects, by Thanksgiving workers are expected to finish renovations to the typically high-traffic Beinecke Plaza, one of the most visible work sites and a popular route to class for many students. At this point, workers are still applying a rubberized roof membrane and will shortly place the granite paving »

Residential dining goes organic

September 2, 2004 • 0
Organic food lovers no longer have to bluff their way into Berkeley College to satisfy their taste buds. Thirty of the most popular items from Berkeley’s menu are now part of the regular rotation of options in the other 10 open residential college dining halls this fall, Yale Associate Vice President for Student Financial and »