Just plodding along? Take a (metaphorical) leap

October 22, 2004
This summer, I learned one strategic, transferable lesson: Throw yourself off a bridge from time to time. That’s right — and the higher the better. The particular bridge I found myself jumping off was 750 feet high. I had a big rubber band tied to my feet, of course, but that didn’t diminish the pre-jump »

Local soup kitchens see increased demand

November 12, 2002
It’s 5:30 p.m., and there is food to be served as the people of New Haven slowly shuffle into the already packed dining hall of Center Church on Temple Street. As the sounds of a nearby piano filter into the hall, New Haven’s neediest greet each other with smiles as they sit down to eat »

ABC anchor Jennings advocates for literacy

October 30, 2002
ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, who dropped out of his Canadian preparatory school almost half a century ago, spoke in New Haven Tuesday about the importance of literacy. The venerable nightly news anchor, who has been committed to the New Haven-based literacy organization Read to Grow since its inception, was invited to speak at its »

Playing with optical toys, from dioramas to IMAX

October 24, 2002
At 12:30 p.m., a small group gathered on the third floor of the Yale Center for British Art as a man with a crisp British accent began a discussion on toys — optical toys. Visiting fellow John Plunkett spoke Tuesday at the British Art Center as part of the Center’s weekly Art in Context discussion »

IKEA another step closer to reality

October 16, 2002
A committee of the New Haven Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday to approve furniture retailer IKEA’s plan to open a store in New Haven. The plan, which IKEA originally proposed in August, has now been approved by both the Legislative Committee and the City Plan Commission of New Haven. It will go to the full »

Attorney General releases Berkeley Divinity report

October 10, 2002
The Connecticut Attorney General’s Office disclosed the findings Wednesday of its investigation into alleged financial mismanagement at the Berkeley Divinity School. Officials at the Yale-affiliated school said the state audit revealed problems that have already been resolved. Wednesday’s report comes after allegations of fiscal irresponsibility surfaced against R. William Franklin, the school’s former dean. Yale »

Aldermen divided over Iraq resolution

October 8, 2002
The New Haven Board of Aldermen failed to pass a resolution Monday night that would have opposed U.S. military action against Iraq. The vote came minutes before President George W. Bush spoke on national television to gather support for a U.S.-led military coalition against the country. The resolution, drafted by Ward 9 Alderman John Halle, »

In arts district, mixed fortunes

October 4, 2002
At half past noon, Clark’s Pizza is overflowing with people. As waiters rush between tables to take orders, the small pizza restaurant on Whitney Avenue seems to be doing well. But it is not. Clark’s co-owner Costa Mihalakos said business in the past year has declined sharply at his and neighboring restaurants. The cluster of »

Yalies say advising is in need of overhaul

September 25, 2002
When one group of freshmen sat down with their faculty adviser for the first time three weeks ago, the conversation did not revolve around Yale College academics. Instead, the freshmen patiently listened as their adviser talked about another topic — bookstores around Harvard. “Faculty advising at Yale is pretty worthless, if you ask me,” said »