Dec, Newman, Gerlach: Representation and reform for Ward 1

April 27, 2011
The notion that Yale stands alone, discrete and disconnected from New Haven, is remarkably fallacious and dangerously distracting. Every day, when we walk across Elm Street or trek up Science Hill, we see firsthand the evidence of how Yale grew with this city, expanded as New Haven expanded. When we receive those early morning notifications »

Dec: This isn’t 1994 — it’s worse

October 29, 2010
Pundits have been quick to compare the 1994 midterm elections to the midterms this year: a Democratic President who promoted a wide-reaching agenda is being punished. One problem: this isn’t 1994. It’s worse. In 1994, Republicans took control of Congress, running under the “Contract with America” banner. This year, Republicans have vowed to block, dismantle »

Dec: Support the Speaker

October 11, 2010
Recently, Politico gave me a double take. Rep. Bobby Bright, the Democratic congressman from Alabama, announced that he will not support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker if the Democrats hold onto Congress this year. But although Bright is the first Democrat to openly state that he will vote against Pelosi, politicians across the country have already »