Ahmed: Wipe your plates clean

April 8, 2009
One day recently, a friend complained in the dining hall that the salad was not good. “Then why are you eating it? Just leave it,” I responded. “No, I don’t want to waste food,” he told me. His simple answer struck me. Wasting food is an offense of which I was often — and still »

Ahmed: Call out oppression

January 23, 2009
When I read about historical wars, mass murders and genocides, I wonder how people contemporary to those events felt about them. I have noticed that while we, human beings, take pride in our humaneness, we rarely act humanely. We are rarely conscious of the pain of others. We rarely feel bad about all the wrong »

Ahmed: ‘Hussein’ should be a point of pride for Obama

October 24, 2008
Americans these days can be divided into three categories: those who think Obama is a Muslim (and thus a likely terrorist) because his middle name is Hussein; those who think it is an inconvenience for Mr. Obama to have a Muslim sounding middle name; and those who are above this bias because, after all, what’s »