RIAA warnings up

April 4, 2007
Yale students emerged unscathed from the music industry’s latest round of anti-file-sharing lawsuits, but the number of copyright infringement warnings targeting Elis has skyrocketed since a year ago. While the University received no notices of impending lawsuits against its students during a wave of legal action in March, data released by Information Technology Services officials »

Ruling reveals Y-NH violation

March 30, 2007
Top Yale-New Haven Hospital administrators, including CEO Marna Borgstrom EPH ’79, may have misled the public and an independent arbitrator about how much they knew about tactics used during their anti-union campaign, according to a recent order by the arbitrator. An ruling issued Wednesday by arbitrator Margaret Kern and provided to the News on Thursday »

All NetID passwords to change

March 29, 2007
Using your mother’s maiden name as your Yale NetID password won’t work anymore, unless her name is between 8 and 14 characters long and has at least two numbers in it. Over the next two weeks — and starting today for undergraduates — anyone with a NetID, including students, faculty and staff, will be required »

Tuition up 4.5 percent

March 27, 2007
The Yale College term bill for the 2007-08 academic year will increase to $45,000 next year, University officials said Monday. Total costs will increase 4.5 percent from the 2006-07 year, the lowest percentage increase in five years, but one that continues to outpace inflation. Rising salaries, utility costs, health care costs and increased investment in »

Y-NH guide shows anti-union attitude

March 26, 2007
A document leaked anonymously to New Haven’s City Hall two weeks ago has shed light on the possible extent to which Yale-New Haven Hospital management violated an Election Principles Agreement set a year ago to govern the conduct of the hospital and the union trying to organize there. The 35-page document was provided to the »

Hospital document suggests anti-union mentality

March 14, 2007
A document leaked anonymously to New Haven’s City Hall provides the clearest and most startling picture yet as to how Yale-New Haven Hospital management might have violated a Election Principles Agreement struck with the union trying to form there for the past nine years. The document, which runs more than 30 pages and is entitled »

Time change causes worry

March 9, 2007
Spring break will be an hour shorter this year — but your computer might not know it. Daylight saving time, which is set by Congress, will now start three weeks earlier than it has in recent years in an effort to conserve energy by maximizing the number of usable daylight hours. But computers, programmed with »

Y-NH files for election

March 8, 2007
In an unorthodox move that shocked city and union leaders, Yale-New Haven Hospital announced Wednesday that it will file a petition for a secret ballot unionization election with the National Labor Relations Board, less than two weeks after SEIU 1199 withdrew its own election petition on the grounds that a fair vote would be impossible. »

Market shift may hurt Yale

March 5, 2007
The Chinese stock market suffered its largest fall in a decade on Tuesday, leading to the worst week in four years for U.S. exchanges. But the tumbling global stocks pose little threat to Yale’s $18 billion endowment — and could help it. While it is impossible to know how well the endowment fared last week, »

Card-check bill may affect union debate

March 5, 2007
A bill that would make it easier for unions to organize, including those at Yale-New Haven Hospital, is now making its way through Congress. The Employee Free Choice Act — passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday — would allow unions to represent workers once a majority of employees sign union cards in a »

Eli investment group sees gains

March 2, 2007
While the Chinese stock market was plummeting Monday night, one group of Yale students who hadn’t yet heard the news was busy rejecting an investment there. You only need to know English to buy and sell stocks in the United States, but don’t tell Globalfund, a student investing group founded in October. Its 12 partners »

Y-NH vote is ruled out

February 27, 2007
Hopes of a union election at Yale-New Haven Hospital were dashed once and for all on Monday. SEIU District 1199, the union that sought to represent 1,800 workers at the hospital, withdrew its petition to the National Labor Relations Board for an organizing election, union officials said. The decision comes after the union uncovered training »