Making the most of Yale: one senior’s advice

May 3, 2007
A month ago yesterday, I received an e-mail from a precocious freshman asking his senior friends to share with him all the essential tidbits of Yale wisdom we had accumulated over the past four years. I told him to learn it the hard way, that uppity freshman, but maybe he was right. I used to »

Burning flag is ultimate form of disrespect

April 18, 2007
I hate to pick at a scab, but I am not quite settled on the flag-burning incident that brought a wave of national media coverage, yet no real discussion. I am a proud Democrat, but I am sorry: You do not burn a flag in my backyard (so to speak) and get it written off »

If societies pass you over, life still goes on

April 4, 2007
As we were reminded this week, April is traditionally a month to celebrate being passed over. Two weeks from tomorrow, however, a peculiar tradition will descend on Yale like a Tenth Plague that defies Passover’s aversion to selection: secret society Tap Night. And unlike the ancestors of a trickle of Yale students, the majority of »

To simplify grading, let’s combine A-, B+

March 7, 2007
If there is anything I have learned about grading at Yale, it is the intangible difference between a B+ and an A-. In disciplines that lend themselves more to subjectivity than to objectivity, receiving an A- versus a B+ is often a matter of convincing your instructor that you are not the kind of student »

New college plans must consider Dixwell

February 21, 2007
Unless you have been under a rock for the past month, you will undoubtedly have heard that Yale has begun the process of looking into the construction of two new residential colleges. As the vice president of the Yale College Council, I have been close to some of these discussions. For full disclosure, my role »

Commercial recalls old tensions for NFL

February 7, 2007
The groans in the room were nearly unanimous. About 50 students in the Saybrook College TV room had just seen a lackluster commercial during Super Bowl XLI. While the consensus was that this year’s commercials paled in comparison to last year’s, one commercial was notable for a different reason. This one, the “Coca-Cola Black History »

Despite flaws, Hillary has swayed this voter

January 24, 2007
I have tried to steer clear of national debates in my columns, instead focusing on campus issues and those affecting the New Haven community. But with the announcement this week that both U.S. senators Hilary Rodham Clinton LAW ’73 and Barack Obama would form presidential exploratory committees, the opportunity was too good to pass over. »

Committee should keep post-break calendar

December 6, 2006
Some of the greatest discoveries in history have been accidental. The apple fell on Newton’s head and, voila, gravity. A Swiss inventor noticed the hook-like shape of burrs when pulling them off his dog, inspiring him to create Velcro. A blind monk named Dom Pierre Perignon invented champagne while tinkering with insufficiently fermented wine. Likewise, »

YCC board congratulates its new treasurer

December 4, 2006
After interviewing seven extremely qualified candidates to fill the recently vacated office of Yale College Council treasurer, the YCC Executive Board is proud to announce its newest officer, David Roosth ’09. The treasurer, like the other executive board positions, is normally elected by the student body. Because of the recent vacancy in the treasurer position, »

10 reasons why The Game is still worth it

November 15, 2006
I initially planned to lambaste Harvard and its asinine tailgate restrictions in this pre-Game column. What an opportunity to stick it to those miserable Cantabs! I, too, wanted to jump on the bandwagon of anti-Game fervor. But this weekend, wandering around the biggest Yale-Princeton tailgate in years, I realized that something anti-Yale is in the »

Moving out allows a fresh look at the city

November 1, 2006
Late night runs to Mamoun’s. Small talk with New Haven police officers on the beat. Being forced for the first time to look at a map of New Haven. “Off campus” is both a physical and mental state for some students, conferring a sense of independence and self-awareness unfelt on campus. Living off campus allows »

Don’t let job frenzy overwhelm your life

October 18, 2006
You may have seen them scurrying to Undergraduate Career Services with leather-bound portfolios in hand, mumbling something about ping-pong balls fitting into 747s. It is in the air — can you feel it? For an eclectic group of seniors, interview season has arrived. What started as a mid-September flirtation with the real world has quickly »