Tony Blair

November 2, 2004
On Tuesday I will support the candidate whom I believe is best suited to handle foreign policy and national security. All other issues — taxes, health care, stem-cell research — are secondary. President Bush claims that he is the candidate best suited for leading the country during wartime, yet his principle reasons for invading Iraq »

Yanks are still what is good about America

October 22, 2004
Wednesday night the Boston Red Sox did what was thought to be impossible. They came back from being down 3-0 in a best-of-seven series to beat the New York Yankees for the ALCS title. My hat is off to them. They have a great team and they played with spirit and heart. Even when the »

Variations on Iraq: Steven B. Smith

October 11, 2002
President George W. Bush made a compelling case for the war against Iraq in his speech in Cincinnati, Ohio Monday night. I have no doubt that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq is a member in good standing of the “axis of evil.” I have no doubt that a pre-emptive strike against Iraq is warranted at least in »

Who these terrorists are not: dispelling myths, destroying misconceptions

September 21, 2001
Over the past few days Americans have struggled to make sense of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. How did it happen? What could make someone commit such deeds? Why do they hate us? These are some of the anguished questions repeatedly asked by television talking heads, on learned faculty »