Stock rally bodes well for endowment

April 4, 2013
The strong performance of the U.S. stock market over the past nine months bodes well for endowment returns of colleges, including Yale, according to experts interviewed.

New administrative software system chosen

March 28, 2013
After using the same administrative software system for over a decade, Yale has begun the process of moving to a new, updated system.
Workplace survey

Workplace morale slow to recover

March 27, 2013
The results of the 2012 workplace survey for Yale employees show that worker morale has not fully rebounded from its decline during the financial downturn.

Green Expectations: Yale’s energy investments struggle

March 26, 2013
At least two of the four energy companies profiled in Yale’s 2009 annual investment report are facing setbacks.
Frank Ruddle

Genetics ‘pioneer’ remembered for genome mapping contributions

March 16, 2013
Frank Ruddle, a trailblazer in genetic research, died Sunday at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Academic review to shape faculty size

March 8, 2013
An academic review committee is homing in on possible ways for the University to allocate teaching positions across departments.

With Gibbons at the helm, library makes strides

March 6, 2013
Yale’s libraries amassed new physical and digital holdings and expanded their influence on academia during the 2011–’12 academic year.

Yale braces for federal cuts

March 5, 2013
University officers are devising a plan in response to expected reductions in federal research funding and government financial aid for students.

$150,000 prizes awarded to nine writers

March 5, 2013
President-elect Peter Salovey announced the nine winners of a new prestigious global literary prize on Monday morning.

Nursing School pioneer dies at 74

February 27, 2013
Donna Diers, a champion of nursing research and former dean of the Yale School of Nursing, died of cancer on Saturday. She was 74.

Years later, prize reductions remain in place

February 26, 2013
Ever since tight finances prompted administrators to cut back on academic prizes in 2010, Yale has discouraged the creation of new prizes.

Departmental budgets remain tight

February 20, 2013
Facing a projected $40-million budget deficit for the coming academic year, faculty and administrators continue to deliberate about how to close the gap.