Shapiro: Let’s make a change

October 20, 2009
Last year, Yale almost approved gender-neutral housing for undergraduates. The policy, which would have allowed sophomores, juniors and seniors to pick suitemates of any gender, was approved by a majority of Yale students and the Council of Masters, but failed to win approval from the Officers of the Corporation, because they felt they lacked enough »

Schiff and Shapiro: Tell Toad’s you care

September 18, 2009
Once again, we, along with many other LGBT students on campus, felt unwelcome at Toad’s. On Wednesday night Buju Banton, a reggae artist with a complicated anti-gay history, performed at the club. After intense discussion and research, the LGBT Cooperative decided to take a “positive protest” position on Banton’s performance. Banton’s views — and even »