TELUSHKIN: A harsh, charming gift

November 8, 2012
This morning, I stepped out from the Pierson Master’s Office and gasped. I watched, enchanted, from under the overhang as snow drifted gently towards the earth. There was something magical about the snowflakes — big, white, fluffy. They were perfect. They fell so gently and so softly in a flurry I can describe only as »

TELUSHKIN: Is this good enough?

October 16, 2012
Freshman year, my roommate was fond of a saying attributed to Winston Churchill: “Sometimes it is not enough to do your best. You must do what is required.” This phrase intrigues and terrifies me. How often do we justify our less-than-satisfactory performance by claiming that we did our best? Usually when I say I did »

TELUSHKIN: Knowing our place

October 5, 2012
Every year, approximately 1,300 students graduate from Yale College. We have no idea how many of those students care deeply about Yale. We have no idea how many of those students plan to stay involved with university affairs as alumni. After four years, there is no guarantee that this institution will resonate with us beyond »

TELUSHKIN: Clothing has consequences

September 21, 2012
On Wednesday night, I was in Battell Chapel with several other Yale students, sipping barley tea and watching the flickering candles as Omer Bajwa, Yale’s Muslim chaplain, led a discussion. He was wearing a kufi — a Muslim head-covering men often wear during prayers and which he usually wears when he represents Islam in an »

TELUSHKIN: Learning doesn’t stop at 36 credits

August 31, 2012
This is not the beginning of the end. I’ve had to remind myself this as I assemble my shopping list junior year, painfully passing over courses I now must admit I may never take at Yale. I love bluebooking. I bluebook early and often. Halfway through the fall semester, I am already deep into the »

TELUSHKIN: Learning to give

April 13, 2012
A lot of us grew up in places where homeless people didn’t live on the street. If we knew anyone who was homeless, it was probably through volunteer work, where we met people on our own terms. Of course this isn’t true for all Yalies, but I’d venture to guess it is accurate for a »
The upcoming production of “Cabaret” at the Morse-Stiles Crescent Underground Theater confronts dark issues such as the Holocaust.

In ‘Cabaret,’ taking an unfiltered approach

April 4, 2012
Set in a darkening 1930s Berlin and rife with references to homosexuality and the Holocaust, the musical “Cabaret” does not shy away from heavy subject matter. For Ethan Karetsky ’14, the director of a new production of the show opening Thursday in the Morse-Stiles Crescent Underground Theater, “Cabaret” is above all a show about change. »

TELUSHKIN: Between smokers and vegans

March 29, 2012
It’s common knowledge that smoking is addictive and bad for your health. That’s why I was baffled freshman year to find that many of my friends smoked. Some smoked casually, others only socially, some daily, but nobody ever brought up the whole cancer thing. Death and judgment being uncomfortable topics, I never really broached the »
“Assassins of the Turquoise Palace” author Roya Hakakian discussed Iranian political history at the Slifka Center for Jewish Life on Tuesday night.

Exiled author sheds light on Iranian assassinations

March 28, 2012
When Roya Hakakian set out to tell the story of eight assassinations ordered by the Iranian government 20 years ago in her book “Assassins of the Turquoise Palace,” she took the novel approach of focusing on the victims themselves. Hakakian, a poet, author and human rights advocate born and raised in Tehran, spoke to a »
Imogen Hart, assistant curator in the department of Exhibitions and Publications at the Yale Center for British Art, presented a lecture on the work of William Morris.

A place for arts and crafts at the YCBA

March 21, 2012
Home decoration has serious artistic value, as the Tuesday presentation on “The Homes of William Morris” at the Yale Center for British Art made clear. About 60 people gathered for the talk, given by Imogen Hart, assistant curator in the department of Exhibitions and Publications at the Center. Tapestries and books created by Morris, a »

TELUSHKIN: Leave nerds alone

February 29, 2012
If you’ve ever seen a high school yearbook, you’ve undoubtedly come across the quote attributed to Mark Twain: “I’ve never let schooling get in the way of my education.” Sometimes, this seems to categorize Yalies’ feelings about classes all too well. As a friend of mine once put it, “going to classes is the price »
The Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation came to Yale to hear a case on Monday evening.

Tribal Court holds case on campus

November 15, 2011
In a rare appearance outside its reservation in New Mexico and Arizona, the Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation came to Yale to meet with students and hear a case on campus Monday evening. About 250 Law School students, faculty members and visiting scholars watched in the Law School auditorium as the Court judged the »