RAO: Tips for the shy freshman

September 6, 2011 • 2
“Last year in Cultural Connections, I made 30 new friends!” my CC leader reminisced on the last day of my pre-orientation program. All the other pre-frosh smiled as though he had just summed up their experience exactly. I panicked and started counting on my fingers. Well, if I included that girl that I talked to »

Rao: Consider the crab

March 1, 2011 • 9
It seemed like the entire Yale population descended upon Commons last Thursday to witness the final round of Yale’s Iron Chef competition. As I waited in the mile-long line for food, I heard a student announce the start of the competition over the commotion. He presented a few details about the Alaskan king crab, the »

Fischer and Rao: Make Mondays meatless

October 8, 2010 • 18
Earlier this week, President Levin sent an e-mail to the Yale community announcing the launch of the University’s new “Sustainability Plan.” This plan, created by the Yale Sustainability Task Force, covers topics ranging from water conservation to food and dining and sets ambitious targets for the coming years such as decreasing carbon emissions to 10 »