Naimi: The flames of dissent

April 5, 2011 • 16
From the burned pages of a holy book, a country is in flames. Terry Jones — the radical, Florida-based pastor with a white handlebar mustache, who threatened to hold an “International Burn-a-Koran Day” last Sept. 11, held a mock trial for the Islamic holy book on March 20. The book was burned and Jones’ actions »

Mumallah, Naimi, and Abdelgadir: A righteous struggle against autocracy

February 2, 2011 • 4
In 24 hours, Egypt changed the world. We do not know what the nation will look like three months or even three weeks from now — but we do know that we were wrong. As Americans, we were wrong to support a 30-year autocracy. It’s been seven days since the thousands of men and women, »
The manager of Atticus, Jean Recapet, is a French immigrant, and many of the employees at Atticus hail from outside the U.S., as well. Recapet has teamed with Yale student tutors to help his staff members learn English.

Diversity celebrated at Atticus

October 22, 2009 • 0
Jean Recapet immigrated to the United States from Bordeaux, France, in 1977. He worked his way up at Atticus Bookstore Cafe on Chapel Street, where he is now the manager. In that capacity, though not intentionally, he has made hiring immigrants a hallmark of the business, which takes special measures to help its employees to »

City funds facade face-lifts

October 22, 2009 • 0
The Elm City has been getting a face-lift. The New Haven Facade Improvement Grant Program has provided $387,300 over the past fiscal year to help 11 local businesses remodel their exteriors, which enabled $813,600 of commercial renovations. Since 2001, the program has reimbursed local business owners for up to 50 percent of a given project’s »
Littlehale ’10 and Casey ’11 worked with YEI to start their company, YouRenew, which is growing now by 80 percent per month.

YouRenew proves profitable

October 15, 2009 • 4
Richard Littlehale ’10 and Robert Casey ’11 work full time to beat out their competition: trash cans. To date, they have raised almost a million dollars doing it and, in the process, have landed on BusinessWeek’s 2009 list of America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. Their company, YouRenew, sells used electronics to other companies and recycles those »
Tweed construction is set to be completed within six to 12 months.

Tweed expansion on schedule

October 15, 2009 • 10
The planned $26 million expansion of Tweed New Haven Regional Airport will be ready as early as next April, Tweed executive director Mark Volchek ’00 GRD ’00 said Wednesday. But, because of a new law, that will be the end of it. Volchek said the Tweed construction, which includes the addition of two safety zones »

Junta strives to overcome cuts

October 13, 2009 • 0
Rebounding from the brink of collapse in its 40th anniversary year, Junta for Progressive Action is working on a financial plan to keep its doors open. Eight months after Gov. M. Jodi Rell threatened to cut all state funding for Junta, nearly halving its $500,000 budget, officials for the city’s oldest Latino community organization will »

‘Porn in the Morn’ is no more

September 17, 2009 • 5
For those forward-thinking students who, having turned in schedules for the fall term, are looking ahead to spring courses, “Porn in the Morn” is no longer on the menu. That’s because the class, officially dubbed “Biology of Gender and Human Sexuality” lost its science credit and will not be offered this academic year. The course »

In Blair’s shadow, Volf shines

September 11, 2009 • 6
According to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his co-teacher for the “Faith and Globalization” seminar, Miroslav Volf, is a “a lot smarter and more knowledgeable than me.” But questions of relative intelligence aside, Divinity School students and faculty members agree that Volf — the Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology at the Divinity School »

Double take: Blair’s forgotten co-teacher: Joel Podolny

September 11, 2009 • 2
As School of Management professor Douglas Rae prepares to join former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the third teacher of his “Faith and Globalization” seminar, few people know that the class’s previous representative from SOM was former SOM dean Joel Podolny. Podolny attended two of the seminar’s 14 sessions last year before he abruptly »

Briefly: School Board mandates ‘tier’ structure for new year

April 30, 2009 • 0
New Haven Superintendent of Schools Reginald Mayo presented plans to the Board of Education this week to make the city’s school district the “best urban district in the nation,” as he put it. The plan will divide schools into three tiers, giving top tier schools more flexibility and bottom tier schools more central office support. »

Deli to close after 18 years

April 24, 2009 • 10
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. For the local deli TJ’s Breakaway, the ’90s are over. Eighteen years ago, North Haven resident Susan Hurd and her husband, Thomas, opened family-owned TJ’s Breakaway Deli on Whitney Avenue to give their two children a place to work during high school. But »