STERN: Poopetrator’s media circus

October 14, 2013
Sure, the poopetrator is a funny story — but it is not one about which people across the world need to be kept updated.

STERN: Rethinking Johnson’s gift

October 7, 2013
The story I keep hearing seems too easy. I have always been taught — by some of the best professors in the world, no less — to challenge simple, one-sided narratives.

STERN: ROTC’s prejudice, Yale’s complicity

October 2, 2013
It is clear that ROTC still discriminates, and by welcoming it back to campus Yale is endorsing the military’s prejudice.

STERN: Fix the Corporation

September 25, 2013
We are a university governed by an unelected, unrepresentative, unconnected and unknown body, meeting in private. This has to change.
Annelisa Leinbach_Stern_0830

STERN: You only major once

August 30, 2013
No major can guarantee you a job, but no major defines your job either. What you want to learn and what you want to do are not inextricably linked. Go major in whatever excites you.

STERN: We are the 79 percent

April 5, 2013
We need to demand a greater voice in making decisions that will have a profound impact on our lives and the school we all love.

STERN: Seeing double

March 1, 2013
What’s my problem, anyway? I’m a twin.

STERN: Fighting the bystander story

February 6, 2013
One imagines there were signs they could have seen that should have brought them to stop the assault.

STERN: Yale’s white walls

January 25, 2013
In the fall of 1980, several students at Yale Law School noticed something disturbing. There was something off about the portraits on the walls of their building. After careful examination, the students realized that they all depicted men. All of them. These students, now outraged, strongly urged the Law School to recognize the contributions of »

STERN: The hunt for a new inspiration

December 7, 2012
We don’t need a new hero — we need a new mindset.

STERN: Reject binge writing

November 16, 2012
Restrictions are not the way to encourage good novel writing.

STERN: End legacy now

November 2, 2012
At the end of this academic year, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel will return to the classroom. Brenzel’s tenure has been marked by a number of successes, including an effort to yield more applicants interested in science and engineering and more effective international recruitment. But as we usher in a new face to guide »