ACLU challenges new state campaign finance law

September 1, 2006 • 0
Connecticut’s nascent program of publicly financed elections could collapse before the reformed system even takes effect, following a legal challenge to the program filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut on behalf of a coalition of minor-party leaders and lobbyists. The lawsuit argues that the clean-elections law, passed last December and amended in »

DeStefano edges Malloy, Lamont SOM ’80 tops Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67

August 9, 2006 • 0
New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. squeaked past Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy to become the Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tuesday night in a race too close to call until almost 90 percent of the vote was reported. Another New Haven native took a dive in the primary election, as Senator Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 lost »

DeStefano, Lamont SOM ’80 claim primary victories

August 9, 2006 • 0
New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. edged out Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy to become the Democratic nominee for Connecticut”s governor Tuesday night in a race too close to call until almost 90 percent of the vote was reported. Another New Haven native took a dive in the primary election, as Senator Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW »

Yale swaps $10 mil for development rights

August 8, 2006 • 0
In exchange for approximately $10 million for civic improvements on Science Hill, New Haven has granted Yale development rights on three dead-end streets in the area. The city will abandon three dead-end streets — parts of Sachem and Mansfield streets and Prospect Place — behind Grove Street Cemetery near Ingalls Hockey Rink. University officials said »

Yale students in Beirut remain safe

July 17, 2006 • 0
The seven Yale students studying in Beirut, Lebanon are all safe and most are in the process of being evacuated through Cyprus, according to Yale officials and e-mails from the students. Yale officials have also been in touch with students studying in Israel, and an official in the Office of the Secretary said they are »

Alumnus denies allegations of copyright infringement

June 28, 2006 • 0
Despite what Paramount Pictures’ lawsuit against him alleges, Chris Moukarbel MFA ’06 says, his master’s thesis project was not trying to undermine Paramount’s $40 million marketing campaign to promote Oliver Stone’s movie “World Trade Center.” For part of his master’s thesis in sculpture, Moukarbel shot a 12-minute video using an except from Stone’s screenplay. The »

Capelluto ’08 dies in collision with truck

May 18, 2006 • 2
Alexander Capelluto ’08, a rising junior in Berkeley College, was killed Thursday morning when he was hit by a truck while biking to campus from the Gilder Boathouse in Derby, Conn. According to the West Haven Police Department, Capelluto, who was 20 years old, was struck by a 10-wheel truck at the intersection of Derby »

Branford master apologizes for altercation with student

May 4, 2006 • 0
Branford Master Steven Smith admitted he had “crossed the line” when reacting to a Men of JE prank in the Branford courtyard on Monday night, according to a statement sent to Jonathan Edwards and Branford students. Smith has been accused of hitting Matthew Brimer ’09 with a plastic baseball bat while the freshman was participating »

Student alleges scuffle with master

May 3, 2006 • 0
Branford College Master Stephen Smith allegedly struck a Jonathan Edwards freshman with a plastic baseball bat early Tuesday morning while the freshman was participating in an annual Men of JE event. The freshman, Matthew Brimer ’09, said he had been participating in an annual noise-making run, known as the Coalition of Midnight Assholes, organized by »

Candidates court growing Hispanic vote

April 27, 2006 • 0
Reina Restaurant might be a questionable location for a campaign fund-raiser — $5 buys a substantial meal here — but Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, a Democratic candidate for governor, chose this Mexican restaurant in New Haven’s Hill neighborhood for a February campaign stop. And when state Rep. Juan Candelaria introduced Stamford’s mayor, he did so »

DeStefano, Rell will not see speech

April 21, 2006 • 0
Don’t look for Mayor John DeStefano Jr. or Gov. M. Jodi Rell at today’s high-profile visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao to New Haven — Hu might have brought a spotlight with him, but local leaders have no plans to meet with Hu, and community leaders said the president’s visit has sparked little conversation among »

New Haven divests from Sudan

April 19, 2006 • 0
The pension funds of New Haven’s municipal employees will no longer be invested in companies that do business with the Sudanese government, following unanimous votes late last week by the trustees of the city’s two municipal pensions. The city’s decision, which has not yet been publicized, makes New Haven the second U.S. city after Providence, »