Law School decision about JAG to be made by Monday

September 27, 2002
The Yale Law School will announce a $350 million decision Monday. Last semester, the U.S. Army wrote several letters to Yale President Richard Levin stating that Yale Law School’s treatment of military recruiters does not comply with applicable laws. Based on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuality, Yale does not allow the »

Yale Law grads live up to service reputation, slowly

September 24, 2002
There’s a joke that says the only way to get in to Yale Law School is to spend a year building huts in Central America. The joke perhaps epitomizes Yale’s reputation for combining extreme selectivity with a dedication to public service. “Yale’s commitment to public service is old and deep,” Law School Dean Anthony Kronman »

Law School meeting addresses diversity

April 24, 2002
Yale Law School students say they are tired of talking about faculty diversity. But that is what more than 250 people did last night at a town hall meeting in the Law School auditorium. With two open microphones, students and faculty made requests and demands of Law School Dean Anthony Kronman and other members of »

The law, children and loneliness

April 12, 2002
Some people might rest on their laurels after getting into the top law school in the country. But when Adam Haslett LAW ’02 was accepted to Yale Law School he deferred his enrollment for three years while pursuing creative writing. And the work paid off, with his first book — “You Are Not a Stranger »

Journalism program holds reunion

April 8, 2002
For 25 years, the Yale Law School has been taking journalists out of the real world and putting them in the ivory tower. The Master of Studies in Law program, which brings up to five journalists to the Law School for one year to learn about the law, celebrated 25 years this weekend with a »

Law School to launch new, glossy magazine

April 1, 2002
Scientific American and the Harvard Business Review have readers who are not scientists and businessmen. And the founders of Legal Affairs, a glossy new magazine connected to the Yale Law School, hope their publication will follow in the footsteps of these magazines by attracting a readership of both lawyers and nonlawyers. Arriving on newsstands across »

Death row survivor addresses Law School

March 27, 2002
Don Paradis spent 21 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. He watched workers bring in wood to build the gallows where he was supposed to hang. And now he’s a free man. After Paradis spent 14 years on death row, the pro bono work of corporate lawyer Edwin Matthews Jr. LAW »

Law School conference on race honors late judge, professor

February 25, 2002
Congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said a goal of this weekend’s conference in honor of the late Judge A. Leon Higginbotham LAW ’52 was to improve the U.S. legal system. “Law is not an inanimate instrument with a will of its own,” Norton said after she discussed Higginbotham’s criticism of what he considered oppressive aspects »

Rebels with a cause: Law School forum draws hundreds

February 18, 2002
The Yale Law School got rebellious this weekend. Students, professors and lawyers gathered at the Law School for the ninth annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference, the largest student-run public interest forum in the United States. Speakers tackled issues ranging from racial scapegoating to capital punishment and welfare reform. About 300 non-Yale students attended the conference, coming »

Former National Security Advisor emphasizes arms control

February 13, 2002
While many Americans have viewed national security as a primary concern since Sept. 11, former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger told Yale students Tuesday that one of security’s important components has receded into the background. In a Law School lecture on “National Security in the New Era,” Berger discussed the status of arms control — »

‘Proof’ becomes a Shubert success

January 30, 2002
Last week, New Haven was the venue for the performance of “Proof” — the 2001 recipient of the Tony Award for best play. Written by David Auburn and directed by Daniel Sullivan, “Proof” is the story of a renowned mathematician, his madness, his family and his legacy. As part of the Broadway Series, a program »

MLK Day forces Yale to reflect

January 22, 2002
Yale commemorated the work and life of Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, even as University President Richard Levin acknowledged that Yale’s past included “shameful” episodes related to slavery and race relations. Despite these comments, the overall tone of Levin’s remarks and the day’s events were positive as students, faculty and community members discussed the »