New green czar takes office

City Hall’s new green czar hit the ground running Tuesday as she began organizing New Haven’s brand new Department of Sustainability. New Haven officials received almost 200 applications for the new position, said Chief Administrator Robert Smuts ’01, who was on the committee of legislators and city officials that selected Christine Eppstein-Tang for the post […]


In Branford, a book club — or cult

On Monday nights at 9:30, Geoff Shaw ’10 grabs his copy of Philip Roth’s “American Pastoral,” with his notes in the margins, and his answers to discussion questions, and then heads out the door. Shaw is not rushing to a nighttime seminar or discussion section. Instead he’s heading to the Branford College Master’s house, where […]


Recycling program delayed

New Haven residents hoping for coupons for their recycling still have to wait. The city’s recycling overhaul — which was approved by the Board of Alderman in November and would provide residents coupons to grocery stores or restaurants for good recycling habits — is delayed because a partner company is struggling to acquire the necessary […]


200 apply to be city’s green czar

City Hall will soon have its very first green czar. A committee of top city administrators will announce the creation of a new sustainability department and the appointment of a new director of sustainability late next week, said Chief Administrative Officer Robert Smuts ’01, who will oversee the new office. He added that the director […]


Editor of Mcsweeney’s Internet Tendency masters humor

He’s a college graduate, the winner of three NCAA pools and he just taught himself PowerPoint. Though Christopher Monks, the editor of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, a humorous online offshoot of the McSweeney’s publishing house, facetiously said those were his only qualifications to give a Master’s Tea, he nonetheless drew a crowd of about 20 curious […]


Elis hold out hope for finance jobs

After the financial crisis threw off Wall Street’s groove, the allure of summer internships had fewer juniors donning suits and heading to interviews. Now that the job market shows signs of improvement, that student interest is also making a rebound. The process is just heating up this week: Though a lucky few have already pocketed […]


Fashion meets veganism

“Vegan clothing store” might bring to mind tie-dye, hemp necklaces and “organic brownies.” But at 11:30 a.m. today, just such a store will celebrate its grand opening on the corner of York and Elm streets. So in addition to vegan jambalaya at their college dining halls, Yalies will be able to get upscale, meatless fashion […]


Tent City fights homelessness

Elm Street was alive with the sounds of laughter, the strains of a guitar and the shouts of people calling, “Fight the fight — end homelessness!” The New Haven Green was lit up with vibrant music, baked goods and tents, tents, tents Thursday night as part of Tent City, an event to raise at least […]


Harvard, always keeping it classy

Harvard alumnus Matt DiPasquale ’08 earned fame across Harvard’s campus last year for his new gentleman’s magazine, Diamond Magazine, or “Playboy for the Ivy League.” Wednesday, DiPasquale released the latest issue of the magazine, which he said features nude shots of undergraduate and graduate students from Harvard, Princeton and Yale. DiPasquale drew attention from the […]


Yale scientists to study female soldiers

Starting in December, Yale researchers will conduct one of the first ever studies exclusively about female soldiers. Scientists will investigate whether female soldiers are more likely than males to have difficulty adjusting to civilian life after being in combat, School of Medicine professor and principal researcher Rani Desai said. “It’s a long-standing idea, but we […]


Prizes fund research for junior professors

Seven junior professors were honored last week for their research across different fields. The awards honored faculty across three fields: the natural and social sciences, the humanities, and interdisciplinary studies, granting the seven professors funds for further research. Winners were nominated by their respective department heads in recognition of particularly outstanding research and teaching. The […]


Book on Heidegger causes a stir

An English translation published by the Yale University Press of a French book that seeks to remove German philosopher Martin Heidegger from philosophy curricula because of his Nazi sympathies is drawing criticism across the country. The book, “Heidegger: The Introduction of Nazism into Philosophy In Light of the Unpublished Seminars of 1933-1935” by French philosopher […]