Raouf and Zaher: A social queen, but effective?

September 22, 2009
Recently known as the queen of social media, Rania al-Abdallah has become a household name. Her eloquence and education, as well as her position, have garnered her worldwide attention and the 76th spot on Forbes’s list of the world’s 100 most influential woman. She is due to give a speech this afternoon at Sprague Hall. »

Event unites Middle Eastern arts, cultures

February 15, 2007
Life at Yale tends to settle into a routine. It’s all too easy to go to similar parties every weekend, to listen to the same type of music, to eat food we think we’ve seen the day before. But one of the greatest potential sources of excitement and reinvigoration is the opportunity to look beyond »

Week globalizes health insight

February 8, 2007
AIDS in Africa, medical challenges in Latin America and women’s health issues in the Caribbean are on the lips and minds of Yalies as they participate in the University’s first Global Health Week. The multidisciplinary effort aims to bring a greater awareness of the world’s health issues to Yale students and faculty. The week’s events »

Students prep junk for competition

February 2, 2007
Searching Yale’s campus for old tires, insulation pipes and damaged printers might not sound like an amusing scavenger hunt for most Yalies, but for Drausin Wulsin ’07 and Jonathan Hartman ’09, it’s a matter of tradition. This weekend, the Yale Engineering Design Team will host its fourth annual Junk Yard competition, in which students utilize »

Univ. pushes safety services

September 26, 2006
Although it was not the usual impetus for a sushi party, Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs hosted a security meeting for off-campus students Monday night to ensure they are aware of the resources available to them. Neighborhoods surrounding campus saw a spike in crime last year, though this year there has only »