Bush-Castro combo is one-two punch

November 17, 2004 • 0
It’s amazing how President George W. Bush and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro can work in tandem toward a common end: the decimation of the Cuban middle class. Recent changes in our embargo implemented by Bush, combined with the reactions of a Cuban dictatorship on the brink of collapse, have resulted in disaster for the losers »

In Cuba, Bush can’t let U.S. companies in and keep families out

September 14, 2004 • 0
George W. Bush is trying to have it both ways in Cuba. Even as he has tightened the restrictions on travel for Cuban Americans with family on the island, American agribusiness has profited from selling agricultural goods to Fidel Castro’s government. Warren Staley is the chairman and chief executive officer of Cargill, Inc., an American »

Bush’s chances in Nov. hurt by war, economy

April 7, 2004 • 0
I’ve heard, repeated, and believed the cynicism. I mean Kerry? A Massachusetts liberal? There’s no chance, right? He’s no Clinton. He’s a U.S. senator with an extensive voting record, which the fanged conservatives have studied like a Cantab studies for the MCATs. And of course Bush has all the money, all the good working Americans »

YCC can do better than discount card

February 16, 2004 • 0
In a blockbuster deal involving local businesses and the dynamic private company Collegiate Services, Inc., the Yale College Council has brought us the Student Savings Club card. The card, a wallet-sized reference guide with telephone numbers, addresses, and special “student savings” for 28 New Haven shops and restaurants, seems great, allowing students to save money »