Yalies overcome obstacle of learning disabilities

November 16, 2004 • 0
When Emily Holleman ’08 received her SAT back, her score was lower than she expected. She sent for a copy of the test and found to her surprise that, when penciling in her name, she had written the ‘E’ backwards. But Holleman, who learned she had dyslexia while in first grade, said she has never »

Benhabib, Hill discuss war in Iraq

October 28, 2004 • 0
Speaking to a capacity crowd yesterday evening, Yale professors Seyla Benhabib and Charles Hill expressed their divergent views on the validity of the Bush administration’s justifications for the Iraq war in the context of the conflict’s broader historical and geopolitical implications. The event, held in Davies Auditorium, was moderated by University Chaplain Frederick Streets. Benhabib, »

La Casa focuses on a different election

October 12, 2004 • 0
In the middle of a tense campaign for Puerto Rico’s open governor’s office, 10 Yale students gathered at La Casa Cultural Monday night to watch the candidates spar in a televised debate, snack on chips and cookies, and discuss Puerto Rico’s political future. The students watched a videotape of the gubernatorial debate between Pedro Rosello »