Goldsmith: Take stats with a grain of salt

Goldsmith: College football doesn’t inspire like the NFL

The mighty drizzle of Hurricane Earl has finally restored some normalcy to our beloved climate here in New Haven. And with the cooler weather comes even more important news — football season is upon us. After an obscene weekend of scoring in the college game, capped off with yet another dramatic Boise State performance Monday […]

Goldsmith: It’s all about ego in the post-Decision era

This fall — man, this is very tough — this fall, I’m gonna take my talents to Cambridge and join the Harvard Crimson. With those few words, I know that I have irrevocably changed the lives of you, my 14 readers. The world of sports columns will never be the same again. “King”-sized egotism aside, […]

Goldsmith: Baseball embodies America

I consider myself to be, above all else, a sports fan in the most general sense. Give me a rainy Tuesday afternoon and several bags of Sun Chips and I’ll even get into the WNBA. OK, well, maybe it doesn’t go quite that far, but I represent a broad class of non-discriminating sports-fans, the type […]

Goldsmith: Teams sell out their fans

The Final Four in a historically entertaining March Madness is set, and if the tournament so far is any indication, we are in the midst of several great sports moments. Tiger Woods heads to Augusta National next week to make his return to the PGA, which undoubtedly promises to be the most widely followed professional […]

Goldsmith: Ego tarnishes victory

Dear Baset Chaudhry, You know you are truly tactless when the “Grinch who stole the 21st Winter Games” (see my last column) lectures you on decorum. My aim, Mr. Chaudhry, is not to chastise you for having flexed your ego during your recent match at Yale, against our own Kenneth Chan ’13 — ego is […]

Goldsmith: Woeful Winter Games

At the end of my last column, I naively suggested that after the build-up to the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics would provide a great outlet for the abundance of American Spirit traditionally lost after the climax of football season. In retrospect, this prediction made about as much sense as seeing Rob McElhenny in last […]

Goldsmith: Super Bowl 2010 is the ideal matchup

Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010 will be the best Super Bowl of all time. This is not as bold of a claim as it might initially sound. Let’s start with the obvious. For the first time since 1993, the best team in the NFC is playing the best team in the AFC. Beyond that, we can […]

Goldsmith: Defending the ‘band-wagon fan’

As I was kickin’ back in my common room Monday night, watching Drew Brees single-handedly decimate Bill Belichick’s Patriots defense, I decided to start a Christmas wish list to send to my parents. The first item, an authentic New Orleans Saints football jersey, with “Brees 9” on the back (although after my behavior over Thanksgiving […]

Goldsmith: Cut Agassi some slack

Growing up as a young, hyperactive kid, playing a sport like tennis did not immediately appeal to me. That is, until I went racket shopping and found the flashy orange-and-black T.I. Radical, the signature model of Andre Agassi. I began to get interested in professional tennis entirely due to my fascination with a man that […]