Bagg: ‘Secular bubble’ popped

September 22, 2008 • 3
A common thread ties together recent events at Yale. In the same week Tony Blair spoke to a packed Woolsey Hall about faith communities cooperating and potentially solving our collective problems, Eboo Patel delivered a speech about the necessity of interfaith dialogue to a crowd of 500 at the Ramadan banquet. Patel warned that if »

Bagg: On faith, U.S. should follow Yale

September 17, 2008 • 6
Yale is a Christian university. In 1701, it was founded by Harvard alumni dissatisfied with the religious instruction of their alma mater. Like it or not, the primary objective of the new university was to train Protestant clergymen. As a historically Christian institution, Yale is not unlike the nation whose leaders it has often produced. »

Point: City must service large undocumented population

October 30, 2007 • 600
City Community Services Administrator Kica Matos made few extreme propositions when she addressed the Yale Political Union on this topic last week. She didn’t call to make Spanish a national language; she didn’t want to return California to Mexico. She also didn’t propose a change to the federal immigration law. Those are federal issues. Matos »