Climate Coalition pressures Rell to back warming bill

April 21, 2008 • 0
Donning olive green “carbon caps” and pumping posters into the air, members of the Connecticut Climate Coalition assembled on Cross Campus on Friday morning to urge Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell to sign into law House Bill 5600, designed to limit state carbon emissions. Rally organizers scheduled the event to coincide with the Governors Conference »

Reaction to Shvarts: Outrage, shock, disgust

April 18, 2008 • 60
Anger and disbelief — mixed with several affirmations of free speech — rippled across the Yale campus Thursday in the wake of a report that a senior art student had created a senior project for which she repeatedly self-inseminated and, weeks later, deliberately miscarried. Many students expressed outrage when told of the concept, saying it »

US News solicits input on rankings

April 17, 2008 • 1
US News & World Report, publisher of an oft-cited yet highly controversial set of annual college rankings, is trying to improve its image by diversifying the rank criteria it uses, but students, administrators and experts agree: The potential for progress is minimal. In response to criticism from parents and educators that the US News ranking »

Unions protest Aramark contract

April 15, 2008 • 0
The steps of City Hall were hidden by a mass of green union T-shirts yesterday afternoon as New Haven Public Schools management, custodial and food-service workers held a rally to urge city leaders not to renew Aramark’s contract as the school system’s food-service provider. Speakers and rally organizers encouraged Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and the »

Organizational experience, industry connections top Henderson’s resume

April 14, 2008 • 0
Kristian Henderson ’09 wants to make virtual reality into physical reality. “YSAC sends out a lot of surveys to figure out what students want to see on campus,” Henderson said, “and I want to make those surveys a reality.” Although she has never served on YSAC, Henderson already has extensive experience in the field, having »

Long, citing need for transparency, says students should pick Spring Fling acts

April 14, 2008 • 0
Travis Long ’10 is taking his cues from the 2008 presidential campaign — he is all about transparency. “Every cent Barack gets, you can trace back to the people who gave it to him,” Long said. “And that is what needs to happen with YSAC-funded events.” Long’s promise of transparency extends to his goals for »

Leatherbury proposes use of ‘update’ surveys, new incentives in Social Cup

April 14, 2008 • 0
Colin Leatherbury ’09, co-chair of Spring Fling and Branford College’s representative to the Yale Student Activities Committee, wants to reinvent the YSAC survey and put the student voice back in Spring Fling. The candidate for YSAC chair plans on abandoning the tradition of a few major surveys in favor of multiple “update” surveys that reflect »

New research links risk of breast cancer to ethnicity

April 9, 2008 • 0
Not all breast cancers are created equal. New genetics research by Olufunmilayo Olopade, a professor in the Department of Medicine and Human Genetics at the University of Chicago, suggests that the type and severity of breast cancer are largely dependent on patients’ ethnicity. Olopade determined that genes belonging to African-American women often have mutations similar »

Study abroad may feel pinch of dollar

April 2, 2008 • 0
The weakening American dollar has had an impact on everything from foreign trade to Americans’ travel habits. But this summer, some Elis will feel the impact even more directly as they pack up and prepare for summer study sessions abroad. The cost to Americans of living in other countries and fees for programs abroad have »

Elis awarded Goldwater Scholarships

March 31, 2008 • 0
The International Education and Fellowship Programs office announced Friday that three Yale students have been awarded the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, considered one of the most prestigious scholarships given to undergraduates who intend to pursue careers in the fields of mathematics, engineering and the natural sciences. As scholarship recipients, Adam Bouland ’09, Elizabeth Jerison ’10 »

Opposition to Aramark’s bid for food contract heating up

March 27, 2008 • 2
After last week’s emotionally charged public hearing before the Board of Aldermen — which was attended by over 200 public-school cooks, custodians, teachers, parents and students — Aramark may soon be leaving town. But the company isn’t going without a fight. As the city prepares to begin interviews with bidders for the New Haven Public »

Report forecasts drop in HS grad. numbers

March 26, 2008 • 0
For the first time in 14 years, rejected college applicants this year will have a hard time blaming unfavorable demographics for their “we regret to inform you” letters. National graduation rates have skyrocketed since 1994 at the same time that schools have witnessed a comparable expansion of the college-applicant pool, in what a recent College »