Yale Women’s Center: A broader movement for change

Yesterday, 16 Yale students and alumni released a statement making public a Title IX complaint against Yale University. The complaint contends that, by failing to address sexual violence on campus, the administration has allowed the existence of a hostile environment for women. As a result, the University will face an investigation from the Office of »

Walstrom: Educating our campus

March 4, 2011 • 12
On the front page of Thursday’s News, readers learned that the Yale Police Department has opened an investigation into a pre-tap party following allegations of hazing and sexual assault. Other articles in the paper expressed student objections to the Sexual Misconduct Education and Prevention Task Force’s recommendation that representatives of student groups take part in »

Saverin and Walstrom: Making our campus safer

September 29, 2010 • 3
Last week, Yale Police Assistant Chief Ronnell Higgins reported that a female graduate student was followed off of a Yale shuttle bus by five men. They harassed her, and one grabbed her and began to forcibly kiss her. Days before, the News reported that a male student entered a suite of sleeping female students in »