Election’s entrepreneurs: Working for ‘change’

October 10, 2008
Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama was the muse behind Obama Girl, who continues to sing about her crush on youtube.com. He is red, white and blue in artist Shepard Fairey’s poster that now overlooks York Street through a window of the Yale Art and Architecture building. A few blocks away, his face appears on »

Butterflies? A few, for Blair

September 22, 2008
After all the hoopla and hype over former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s arrival on campus, seeing him standing, in person, three feet away is a little like meeting the Queen of England: Behind the fame and the British charm, they are human. At least that’s what the 25 students selected for his “Faith and »

Abandon Wall Street dreams? Not just yet.

September 17, 2008
With the recent collapse of major banking firms, recruiters disappearing from the Yale campus and the threat of more bankruptcies looming on the horizon, job prospects are looking grim for those Elis planning to enter finance. But it could be worse. All of this could have happened a few weeks from now. Instead, Yalies are »

Students stung by Lehman crash

September 16, 2008
Even 80 miles from New York City’s financial district, dozens of Yalies felt the aftershocks of investment bank Lehman Brothers’ decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy early Monday morning — especially those who received letters of intent from the company after stints as summer analysts. Students all of a sudden find themselves with fewer »

Commons fare: Getting beyond General Tso’s

September 16, 2008
Yalies are used to crowding the aisles of Commons Dining Hall in search of crispy curly fries and oven-cooked pizzas. But thanks to extra-long lines this September, the fries turned stale and the pizza dry as the growing queue inched past oak paneling and framed oil portraits, leading students to the sight of Ivy Noodle »

JE’s Omni 15 ‘get a room’

September 3, 2008
On a sunny post-Labor Day afternoon, Simone Berkower ’09 parted the curtains behind the treadmill in her room, turned the air conditioner on maximum power and sat back against the five pillows on her queen-size bed, freshly showered and dressed in summer garb. On a television nearby, pristine scenes of waterfalls and flower petals accompanied »

Elis make the most of Beijing hosts

August 29, 2008
BEIJING — In Beijing’s Silk Street Market, under a huge billboard that cries, “Shop with Confidence!”, foreigners mill through a disproportionately Western mob of shoppers who look mostly dazed and confused. “This is too overwhelming!” one young western woman cries with a loony chuckle as she races through the narrow aisle. A nearby shop owner »

Furry, feathered creatures bring home back to Yale

April 23, 2008
April opens her window and makes a clicking noise with her tongue. Ten meters outside the Yale residential college, a plump female squirrel named Lucky perks her ears and scampers over to the third-floor window. Lucky, whose hazelnut coat is shaggy from recently giving birth, climbs a nearby tree and expertly crosses a bathrobe belt »

On path to learning obscure languages, Elis play it by ear

April 7, 2008
Ari Berlin ’10 fared well during his spring-break travels to Morocco and Spain. He mastered “jus d’orange” in French and got by in Barcelona with his high-school Spanish. “I’m not a languages kind of guy,” Berlin says. Yet he speaks — or “interacts,” rather — in four languages: English since birth, Spanish from high school »

For athletes, from water jugs to the water cooler

February 7, 2008
During her senior year at Yale, varsity soccer player Lindsay Sabel ’03 spent her time shooting goals for the NCAA Div. I Tournament while her friends pored over job applications, searching for full-time positions. But after graduation, reality hit. Diploma in hand, Sabel was jobless — with zero corporate experience. And that summer, while her »

Gill ’63 finds himself in pursuit of perfect latte

January 15, 2008
Michael Gates Gill ’63 was a stereotypical Yale boy — white, wealthy and raised in a Bronxville mansion in New York. After college, he spent 26 years at the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, making six figures a year. But nearly five decades after his days of final papers and Gothic lecture halls, Gill has »

Yale picks up Elis’ meal tabs over break

November 27, 2007
Last Friday afternoon, when most Yale students were at home enjoying leftover turkey sandwiches, Imran Bhaloo ’10 rolled out of bed around 4 p.m. and headed to the Office of International Students and Scholars for a dinner of pasta and salad. Like many international students, Bhaloo, who is from Tanzania, did not return home over »