Dining plan continues to evolve

October 6, 2006 • 0
With grass-fed beef and roasted shallot vinaigrette suddenly making regular appearances at the dinner table, student opinion of University dining services seems to have taken a sharp turn for the better. But the Yale Sustainable Food Project’s expansion is only the latest chapter in the recent history of Yale Dining Services, which has undergone a »

Development drive kicks off

September 29, 2006 • 123
Beinecke Plaza will be crawling with the rich and powerful this weekend, as Yale kicks off a campaign to raise $3 billion during the next five years. On Saturday, Yale President Richard Levin is expected to announce several early monetary commitments secured in the last three years during the campaign’s “quiet phase.” The weekend’s events »

Endowment skyrockets

September 26, 2006 • 0
Yale earned a 22.9 percent return on its endowment for the 2005-’06 fiscal year, outperforming nearly all its peers and increasing the endowment’s value to $18 billion. The endowment — valued at $15.2 billion last fall — grew faster than officials anticipated, which will make it easier for them to balance Yale’s budget in the »

King takes on new responsibilities

September 25, 2006 • 0
Four months into her position at Yale and three months into a feverish overhaul of the University’s accounting system, Vice President for Finance and Administration Shauna King is quickly learning the complexities of the job. King, a former top official at PepsiCo, is responsible for a wide swath of areas including finance, student services, information »

Study on expansion accelerates

September 25, 2006 • 6
After months of speculation, Yale officials confirmed this weekend that administrators are quietly conducting a study on the feasibility of building two new residential colleges. Within the last few weeks, President Richard Levin has personally coordinated updates to an old study exploring the financial implications of adding new facilities and students to Yale’s roster, several »

Yale pushes forward on plans for new colleges

September 23, 2006 • 0
Yale is quietly conducting a study on the feasibility of building multiple new residential colleges, University officials said this week. Within the last month or so, administrators said, President Richard Levin has personally coordinated updates to an old study exploring the financial implications of adding new facilities and students to Yale’s roster. While officials said »

Power outage strikes central campus

September 22, 2006 • 0
The outage — which lasted less than 20 minutes in some areas and several hours in others, according to some student reports — did not appear to seriously interfere with University operations, officials said. But while some students shrugged the outage off, others who lost power in their dormitories said they were concerned with the »

Burger ’93 appointed to science and technology position

September 21, 2006 • 0
Robert Burger ’93, a former administrator in the nonprofit sector, has been appointed assistant provost for science and technology, Yale officials announced Wednesday. Burger will help administer new scientific initiatives and fellowships, in addition to overseeing small renovation projects related to the sciences. In the long term, he may aid in public relations efforts to »

Dining halls send back spinach

September 19, 2006 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. To the chagrin of vegetable lovers and E. coli viruses across campus, University Dining Services pulled spinach from Yale’s menu last week. The change was made in response to a federal government warning that spinach may be responsible for an E. coli outbreak »

Bill sets up grant database

September 18, 2006 • 0
Congress passed a bill late last week that will set up an online database identifying about $1 trillion in federal grants and contracts, some of which are appropriated to Yale and other universities. The database, which will feature a Google-like search engine, is largely intended to bring transparency to the government’s allocation system, in which »

Univ. dodges federal wiretapping mandate

September 15, 2006 • 0
Potential legal pitfalls for University Information Technology Services are getting more complicated over time, as Yale and other schools dodge new wiretapping requirements and eye an upcoming trial on patent infringement. In the wake of a court decision in June, it appears that Yale is exempt from regulations that would have required ITS to upgrade »

Course server expands

September 12, 2006 • 5
Yale’s Classes*v2 server added new features and doubled its user base this summer, despite recent patent litigation that has cast a shadow over the academic media industry. So far, more than 900 undergraduate classes and several graduate schools at Yale have abandoned the original, homegrown classes server and adopted Classes*v2, an open-source computer program that »