Sethi: Too much meat hurts us all

Guest Column

Students juggle holidays, work

When Rena Traube ’09, an orthodox Jew, returned to Yale from celebrating Rosh Hashanah with her family in Brooklyn, N.Y., she was overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork waiting for her. Traube soon decided to abandon her plans to spend Yom Kippur at home because she was still backed up with work left after the […]


Research locates hunger centers in brain

A small part of the brain, not the sin of gluttony, may be responsible for that urge to heap on another scoop of ice cream, according to research from the School of Medicine. An international team led by Dr. Tamas Horvath, neurobiology professor and chair of comparative medicine, and researchers in Germany identified two adjacent […]


Exhibit unearths 1911 expedition

In 1911, the Yale Peruvian Expedition led by archaeologist Hiram Bingham 1898 came upon the well-preserved remains of an ancient Incan city cradled between twin peaks. The city was Machu Picchu, and it has since gained a nearly iconic status as one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in human history. On Sept. 9, at […]