The New Haven Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism started “Project Storefronts” in April 2010 to bring local art to vacant store windows.

Artists fill vacant New Haven storefronts

March 28, 2012
Even in the absence of retailers, New Haven is putting empty storefronts around the city to good use. Project Storefronts, a program initiated in April 2010 by the city’s Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism, is a “marriage between economic development and the creative,” said Margaret Bodell, the manager of Project Storefronts. Through the project, »
Last Friday, at the culmination of Yale’s first Engineers Week, students enjoyed operating homemade catapults in Davies Auditorium.

SEAS students provide career guidance

March 1, 2012
Last Friday, students wrapped up Yale’s first Engineers Week by using homemade catapults to fling stuffed animals into targets set up throughout Davies Auditorium. The catapult launch was one of the culminating events for the week, which was planned by Enping Hong ENG ’14 and Ying Zheng ENG ’13 to showcase Yale’s engineering resources and »

Arts Council institutes “pop-up” counseling

February 24, 2012
A new effort by the Arts Council of Greater New Haven seeks to help local artists further their careers. Beginning March 15, Debbie Hesse, the Arts Council’s director of artistic programs and services, and Shola Cole, the Council’s community programs coordinator, will be traveling to three venues around New Haven offering “pop-up” career counseling, including »

Week of events promotes engineering on campus

February 20, 2012
This week the School of Engineering & Applied Science will host its first ever “Engineers Week” to promote opportunities in the field and raise enthusiasm about the discipline. Coinciding with National Engineers Week, the events — ranging from an ice cream social on Monday to a catapult design competition on Friday — were conceived and »
Some researchers advocate regulations for sugar similar to those governing alcohol.

Researchers call for tax on sugar

February 14, 2012
Some researchers believe it is time to impose legal limits on sugar, similar to those on alcohol and tobacco. In a article published Feb. 1 in the journal Nature, three researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, argue that the harmful effects of sugar extend far beyond its calorie count. To reduce national sugar »

“Our Daily Rite” opens at ArtSpace

February 10, 2012
A local art gallery is examining the creative process with an exhibit documenting the daily additions artists make to their projects over the course of weeks or months — and, in some cases, over an artist’s entire life. “Our Daily Rite,” which opened Thursday at the Orange Street gallery ArtSpace, will show the ritual of »

Bush promotes youth health involvement

February 9, 2012
Barbara Bush ’04 wants young people to work in global health — even if their training doesn’t seem to fit the job. Bush, the eldest child of President George W. Bush ’68, addressed nearly 40 undergraduate and graduate students at the Yale School of Public Health Wednesday morning. Bush encouraged the students to get involved »

Creating ripples through artistic community

February 8, 2012
In the four months since its opening, an artistic initiative spreading throughout a bare Chapel Street building has grown to connect dozens of regional artists. Since October 2011, the “Ripple Effect” art project housed at 756 Chapel St. has woven a web of creative interaction between artists in the Greater New Haven area. The project, »

Fischer hunts exoplanets

January 31, 2012
In her 15-year career as a “planet hunter,” Yale professor Debra Fischer estimates that she has discovered at least “a few hundred” worlds outside our solar system, though she has long since stopped keeping track of the exact number. The founder and leader of the Yale Exoplanet Group, Fischer co-discovered the first multi-planet system beyond »

Yale gets new DNA sequencer

January 18, 2012
Last week, the University purchased new DNA sequencing technology that researchers hope will allow rapid advances in the field of genetics. The Ion Proton Sequencer, developed by Jonathan Rothberg’s GRD ’91 company Life Technologies, can sequence a human genome 10 times faster than any previous technology of its kind, Rothberg said. He added that he »

Minorities tend toward unhealthy cereal

January 10, 2012
African-American homes with children are more likely to buy unhealthy youth-oriented cereals than any other demographic group, a recent study by Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity has revealed. The study, published on Oct. 25, 2011 in the scientific journal Public Health Nutrition, found a negative correlation between the nutritiousness of the cereal »

‘Donors’ cynicism staggering’

November 29, 2011
Treatments to combat HIV/AIDS already exist — the obstacle to defeating the disease, Stephen Lewis says, is a lack of resources. Lewis, co-director of AIDS-Free World, an international AIDS advocacy organization, spoke before an audience of about 100 people Monday evening at the Anlyan Center, a part of the Immunobiology Department at the Yale School »