Henehan: Polling has its limits

November 6, 2008 • 0
Who/what is winning right now? Polls have recently taken center stage in news and business decisions. These types of surveys can be useful when utilized correctly, but polling for the sake of having poll results does not effectively achieve any goals. Instead this practice often clouds the truth; by asking leading or arbitrary questions, polls »

Henehan: For start-up success, make friends

September 29, 2008 • 0
The most important thing in the startup of a new company is not the idea, it’s the people you know: Your business partner, your family, your contacts and most of all your friends. These are the people who will help you execute your business, giving you the resources, ideas and moral support to take your »

Henehan: Abuse policy needs overhaul

September 12, 2008 • 0
Yale’s plan for a director of alcohol and substance abuse initiatives, pitched as a means of bringing together the many elements that compose a freshman’s introduction to drinking at the College, will likely not help the many students here who are struggling with drugs and alcoholism — unless, that is, the hire is accompanied by »