Clegg: Political philosophy matters

April 23, 2010 • 0
In case you were not aware, dear reader, there are many things about which you remain tragically uninformed. Virtually all of these things deal with poetry or philosophy. As ________ (Western thinker) wrote, to live the good life, we must embrace the ________ (noun) of our fellow ________ (noun, pl.), rather than ________ (verb ending »

Clegg: Flawed logic against progress

March 27, 2009 • 31
Peter Johnston argues in his column that appeared on this page yesterday that optional gender-neutral housing today will lead to mandatory gender-neutral housing for freshmen tomorrow (“The logical extension of the first step,” March 26). This argument uses a logic that, when viewed in greater historical context, is terrifying. Johnston argues that once gender-neutral housing »

Clegg: Yes we did? Yes we will!

November 14, 2008 • 1
I was there. Nearly a thousand Yalies reveling on the grass of Old Campus, hugging, singing, jumping, weeping. Roar after ecstatic roar welled up against the old brick walls, and there was a collective feeling of rejuvenation and, yes, hope. We are the generation that grew up in the shadow of September 11, as well »