LIZARDO: All black lives matter

February 5, 2015 • 0
Even if one doesn’t believe the fetus has personhood, simply the fact that black women have far more abortions — irrespective of income — should startle.

LIZARDO: Why Hirsi Ali should come

September 11, 2014 • 0
One need not agree with everything Ayaan Hirsi Ali says to agree that her voice makes a valuable contribution to advancing the open exchange of ideas on this campus.

LIZARDO: Fight the Durflation!

September 13, 2012 • 4
You’ve stepped into Durfee’s. You’ve seen the prices. And you’ve walked out saddened, annoyed, maybe even depressed. You became distressed either because you walked out empty-handed after seeing the ridiculous prices of that cheese pizza or peach tea you were craving or because you just gave in to your gluttonous desires and spent your life’s »

LIZARDO: Jon Huntsman recklessly overlooked

January 11, 2012 • 28
This election season, Republican primary voters have demonstrated their utter fickleness and absolute uncertainty about what they want. After the rise of the Tea Party, the GOP seemingly returned to the ideas of limited government and fiscal responsibility. And yet the Republican electorate has recycled a number of candidates who either do not have the »