ENDGAME IRAQ | In dust and darkness

March 11, 2009 • 0
The pair of us have been about a week on bases in and around Tikrit, Saddam’s birthplace. To get out here we took a big old twin rotor Chinook helicopter from Baghdad, hopping northward up the country. They fly with all the lights out in total darkness to avoid rockets and small arms fire. All »

ENDGAME IRAQ | Documenting the desert

March 5, 2009 • 0
BAGHDAD Backed for days in Baghdad with dust storms and red skies to the north. My videographer and I have been making our way slowly around the safe area, getting money shots of Saddam’s greater follies in the vanishing desert twilight. The dust has been good to us, giving us time to chew our way »

ENDGAME IRAQ | Traveling with Kevlar, into darkness

February 27, 2009 • 3
BAGHDAD Our wits were softened by three days of snatching sleep between rolls called on a two-hourly basis. Our names never seemed to rise high enough on the list to catch a flight. Until suddenly yesterday we made it onto the flight manifest, as it is called, and were bussed out to a waiting C-17 »

ENDGAME IRAQ | Trying to get to Baghdad

February 26, 2009 • 5
Richard Mosse ART ’08 is in the Persian Gulf awaiting an available flight to Baghdad. Mosse will be embedded with the U.S. military in Iraq, photographing Saddam Hussein’s palaces. Mosse will be sending regular updates and photographs to the News. We’ve been waiting days now to embark for Baghdad. A videographer and I have been »