Bronstein, Cersonsky, Crosby and Eidelson: For financial aid reform

This month, 1,940 students will decide whether to accept their offers of admission to Yale. On Monday, many will come for Bulldog Days. They’ll attend lectures by Shelly Kagan, Marvin Chun and David Blight. They’ll eat s’mores in courtyards; braving the chaos of the extracurricular bazaar, they’ll each sign up for 25 student organizations. By »

Ward 1 Democratic Committee Endorsement Vote Board: Before the next election

As we reflect on the meaning of this historic week in our nation’s history, we may look forward to another swearing-in ceremony, one year from now, for municipal officials in the city of New Haven. During this time of enormous change at the federal level, it is also important to consider the work that must »

From Ward 1, Elis can help strengthen Elm City

March 24, 2008 • 2
Last September, as freshmen, we walked through Phelps Gate clutching our schedules of activities. Most of us had spent all summer poring over every Yale mailing, gathering all of the information we needed, from how to choose classes to where we could get the best pizza at 1 a.m. We were ready. But, at some »

In expanding, Yale should avoid gentrification

This past week, as we worked on our column in a Bass Library study room, loaded with leather seating and plasma TVs, we thought something obvious: Yale has a lot of money. This is why we can afford such famous professors, accessible funding for the majority of student functions and extensive renovation and construction projects. »

Western canon interrogated by Diversiļ¬ed Studies

October 25, 2007 • 0
Diversified Studies. The name itself invites controversy and discussion and could imply a criticism of the Directed Studies curriculum. While we were mostly interested in mimicking the “D.S.” acronym and only incidentally stumbled on the controversy, we think the questions inspired by the title “Diversified Studies” are exactly in line with the group’s purpose. We »