Gallery exhibits postwar printmaking art

September 22, 2009
The fanciful lines and vibrant colors that characterized American postwar printmaking flowed out of a period of darkness. “The Pull of Experiment: Postwar American Printmaking,” which officially opens this Friday at the Yale University Art Gallery, features 42 prints, including many recently donated items from James Heald II ’49 as well as works from Yale’s »

UP CLOSE | Admissions: How low can Yale go?

September 17, 2009
When Sarah Beyreis ’85 GRD ’94 applied to Yale College, she faced the toughest odds of admission in the University’s history. Beyreis was one of 11,253 students vying for a spot in Yale’s freshman class. That year, Yale set an unparalleled admit rate of 20 percent, undercutting the record set a decade earlier. But since »
Grad students place flowers outside Amistad Park in honor of Annie Le GRD '13.

‘An idealistic young woman’

September 14, 2009
She was upbeat, friendly, always armed with a smile. Since going missing Tuesday afternoon, Annie Le GRD ’13 has been sorely missed by all who knew her. Following the discovery of a female body presumed to be Le in the building at 10 Amistad St. on Sunday evening — the same day Le was to »

QuestBridge entices low-income applicants to Yale

September 10, 2009
Rebekah Stewart ’13 might not have even gone to college if it weren’t for the QuestBridge program. As a high school senior in the small town of Alma, Ark., Stewart said her college prospects were grim; even the costs of attending her local community college looked prohibitive. Stewart’s future changed, however, when she received a »

Admissions Office cuts travel

September 10, 2009
As the admissions office begins to recruit the class of 2014 this fall, it will be working within the confines of a significantly smaller budget. Following a University-wide 7.5 percent cut to department budgets, Yale’s Admissions Office has “trimmed” its travel for conferences and recruitment events and cut down on the volume of publications printed, »

In slow economy, UCS promotes workshops

September 7, 2009
After Undergraduate Career Services struggled to attract seniors for its special programming last spring, the organization is taking a new approach to helping seniors find jobs in the tough economy. UCS Director Phil Jones said he expected seniors to show up in droves to last year’s job programs, but described the resulting attendance at both »

Meet the freshmen

September 2, 2009
Yale’s 1,307 incoming freshmen have not only surmounted the toughest odds in the College’s admissions history, but together, they also represent one of the most ethnically and economically diverse classes ever to arrive on campus. The members of the class of 2013, who hail from 48 states and 39 countries, were selected from a pool »
As part of the University’s plans to introduce sustainability into everyday life, many of the shuttles run on biodiesel. Sustainability has become a new admissions draw.

In college admissions, green has an allure

September 2, 2009
When applicants considering Yale weigh factors in their admissions decision, they typically turn to aesthetics, academics or extracurricular offerings. But a new factor has begun to emerge for a small proportion of applicants: sustainability. For half a dozen of the newest Elis interviewed, Yale’s green initiatives played some role in their decision to matriculate. A »

Briefly: Yale to accept third English proficiency exam

September 2, 2009
Beginning this fall, Yale will now accept a third exam for students to demonstrate English language proficiency. The exam, Pearson’s Test of English Academic, is computer-based and about three hours long, according to Pearson’s Web site. Yale requires a minimum score of 70 on the exam for applicants who are non-native English speakers. Yale last »

Eli quarantined in luxury hotel

September 2, 2009
For Yalies traveling abroad this summer, the danger of H1N1 swine flu virus was little more than an afterthought. But for Dung La ’11, the virus-turned-pandemic brought about a week of cheek swabs, free meals and limitless television watching. On June 17, La was on a plane bound for Beijing, looking forward to a summer »

News analysis: Despite economy, yield holds steady

May 22, 2009
In the face of a souring economy, the Yale Admissions Office predicted early this year that fewer admitted students would decide to attend, and so to compensate, the office initially accepted a greater number of students than it did in past years. But Yale was caught off guard. The College’s yield rate did not drop, »

Yield rate beats expectations

May 8, 2009
The percentage of admitted students who have chosen to attend Yale in the fall was higher than anticipated this year, leaving the class of 2013 slightly oversubscribed, Dean of Admissions Jeff Brenzel said Friday. Of the 1,951 students admitted to Yale’s incoming freshman class, 1,327 have chosen to matriculate in the fall, Brenzel said, even »