Media center powers up

January 23, 2009
A few blocks from campus at 135 College St., a complex system of broadcast technology is whirring to life. Technicians are putting the finishing touches on the new Yale Broadcast and Media Center, a central studio for an organization that was once spread across campus — from the medical school to Science Hill. The 8,000-square-foot »

MoMA features Eli

November 5, 2008
NEW YORK — As the sun shines through the tall glass windows onto the third floor of the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, museum-goers stand in the special photography exhibit, pointing and conferring in hushed tones. At “The Printed Picture,” the viewers, young and old, are all students. The exhibit was created by Richard »

Experts endorse candidates

October 29, 2008
For the Roosevelt Institution last night, it was all about the issues. Partisan experts from both sides of the political aisle lined up to support their preferred presidential candidates Tuesday night in a debate on foreign policy and economics sponsored by the Roosevelt Institution, a national network of campus-based think tanks founded after the 2004 »

CEO Lazarus stresses branding

October 21, 2008
Chances are, most Elis have bought a product marketed by Shelly Lazarus. Coca-Cola is pretty hard to miss. Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun hosted Lazarus, the chief executive officer of marketing agency Ogilvy and Mather (and a Yale mom), on Monday afternoon, drawing over two dozen people to the master’s house for a discussion of »

Times reporter returns

October 10, 2008
For Anahad O’Connor ’03, New York Times reporter, columnist and author, Thursday’s Ezra Stiles College Master’s Tea was a long-awaited homecoming. “This is an event we’ve been looking forward to for a long time,” Stiles Master Steven Pitti said before the tea. O’Connor returned to his former residential college yesterday to share his experiences working »

First Muslim admissions officer settles in

October 3, 2008
The University in late August welcomed its first Muslim admissions officer into the fold. Amin Abdul-Malik, a new associate dean of admissions, comes to the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions after stints at Swarthmore College and his alma mater Wesleyan College. Dean of Admissions Jeff Brenzel said the University did not hire Abdul-Malik specifically because »

‘Bro’-cial network to debut

September 24, 2008
“Social, athletic, upwardly mobile” young men — “bros,” to some — looking for a venue to share stories of weekend revelries and exchange tips on romantic endeavours need search no longer., a national organization with an emerging chapter at Yale, will launch an online forum Oct. 15. Its tagline: “Every Bro Has A Story.” »

Physicist Bennett dies

September 8, 2008
William R. Bennett Jr., former Yale professor, master of Silliman College and groundbreaking physicist, died June 29 of esophageal cancer at his home in Haverford, Pennsylvania. He was 78. “The human body is like a machine,” Bennett’s son William remembered his pragmatic father saying many years ago. “Parts wear out.” Bennett was born January 30, »