Friedman: A closer look at the FOOT argument

March 1, 2011
I have ended the summer and begun school in the same way for the last three years: on a mountaintop at sunrise with new friends. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a FOOT leader in the spring of my freshman year, and I appreciate the honor and responsibility that comes with being the »
Panelists discussed the future of gender-neutral housing at Yale, the last Ivy without such an option.

LGBT Co-op hosts panel on gender neutral housing

November 9, 2009
As part of Trans Awareness week, a group of panelists said Sunday that they support gender-neutral housing at Yale, but acknowledged the potential obstacles to its implementation. Speaking to an audience of about 25, the panelists said the administration must overcome logistical hurdles before the proposal can be approved, including the residential college system. Planned »